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A snowboarding buddy of mine and I started an online streaming podcast station recently at www.zenithchannel.com - mixes of psych rock, classic rock, funk, soul, jazz, indie, etc. Worth checking out (at least I think so)...
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I love anything from the Carpenters.  Rainy Days and Mondays...soft and sweet!

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Look at those clothes and the hairdooooos!   Ha Ha Ha

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I'm kinda getting into some of the new stuff out there.  Catchy tunes!    STRESSED OUT BY TWENTY ONE PILOTS

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If there are any Grateful Dead fans out there, I posted a 4.5 hour mix to my music site last week...


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Motivator by T-Rex
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Any early Pink Floyd fans out there? We have a new mix up on our blog - you can stream and/or download from this page...


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Art Pepper "Smack Up"

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This one's been on heavy rotation 'cause I'm learning to play it on my tenor. Great album.


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I have never been much of a fan of Phish, BUT by accident I watched a video of Grateful Dead @ Chicago couple summers ago on Netflix.  Trey Anastasio ( front man of Phish) was doing vocals/ guitar.   Whoa, man is a talent!!   Most impressed of him doing one of my all time favorites:  New Speedway Boogie.


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

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Dexter Gordon "GO!"

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Dave Holland - Extensions

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Ladies and gentlemen: Joel Plaskett.


Go find some of his Thrush Hermit days stuff and lead into his Emergency stuff and then hit the solo stuff.


From the Back of the Film

The Great Pacific Ocean

Snowed In/Cruisin' for a little downtempo vibe.


If you manage to suffer through that, try the Rural Alberta Advantage.


Hail, Canada!

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John Coltrane - Soultrane

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Gary Burton -  Wiz Kids

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I'm a week late with this, but we put up a John Lennon tribute mix on our streaming podcast site to commemorate the 36 anniversary of his death. Nothing too obscure, just solid Beatles/solo stuff...
Don't worry, there's only a minute and a half of "Revolution #9" in the beginning... lol

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RIP David Bowie.
You can stream and download this memorial mix from the link below:


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Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life (1976)

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Worried Life Blues by Chuck Berry (RIP) 

Not my favorite cut by Chuck, but with lyrics somewhat applicable at this time of the passing of one of the absolute formative individiuals in the history of Rock.

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