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Originally Posted by Bob Barnes View Post

Lorenzzo--Here (click on this link) is my best effort to explain "platform angle" (post #17 and subsequent, in the thread, "What is best edge angle for max grip?" from a couple years ago).

In short, "edge angle" refers to the angle of the ski base to the snow surface. Essentially, when combined with the ski's "sidecut radius," it determines the radius of the arc that the ski will bend into and carve on hard snow. Perhaps surprisingly, it has nothing to do with how well a ski holds.

"Platform angle" (and the related term, "critical edge angle," both terms coined by Ron LeMaster) refers to the angle between the ski edge (not necessarily the same as its base, due to base edge beveling) and the angle of the force applied to the ski by your body--what Zentune refers to as your "balance angle." Platform angle largely determines whether a ski grips or slips sideways.

The two are fundamentally different ways of measuring ski tipping, and they have completely different effects. Great skiing requires controlling both, constantly, and independently. Please read the thread I linked to above for (much) more. And feel free to paste text and/or images from that thread here if you want more discussion.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

That thread is a terrific read relative to these concepts. Big time thanks for the reference. I suspect I need to progress past Chapter 2 to ask meaningful questions as successive chapters address turn anatomy, technique and real world conditions.

The animation showing progression of edge angle, etc. is interesting and insightful relative to how edge angle changes through the turn and as steepness changes.
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Old thread but a good one.......


So many think of edge grip as something related mainly to ski edge sharpness.  Nothing could be more wrong, especially in this era of modern side-cut skis, and there ability to carve purely if skied well


I think of inclination as a move at the top of the turn.  Its head first then body following.  Then its angulation to control platform angle as the forces of gravity and centifugal force come into play.  Angulation controlled initially by knee, then hip as the forces build at the bottom of the turn.  Ted Ligety had the knack of holding the platform angle more acutely (and riding the resultant ski energy into the next turn) in World Cup GS more than any other skier.  He mastered the angle and the timing.  The result was speed.


Inclination, angulation, and platform angle are forever linked.  Its all feel to get it right, understanding it, but not thinking about it too much on the hill.  But it is all pure physics, so with only 3 things at work, that being gravity, centrifugal force, and the human body, there is only one way to efficiently ski.  In the past it was defined as World Cup Ski technique, (it still actually is) but that was on skis that always slipped a bit.  Now they can grip and rip.  The change is huge, and if you don't change your skiing technically to feel their power, you will miss a boatload of fun


In fact luckily for us, its all pretty simple



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