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Which Fischer Skis for 2 ski quiver?

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I just found out that I have an opportunity to ski Fischer this year.  I want to get a pair of Motive 95s and it looks like I can have one other pair of Fischers to round out the quiver.  I am leaning towards a Big Stix or Progressor model.  In the Big Stix it looks like the 110 would be the likely candidate as I don't see myself getting too much use out of the 122.  Does anyone here have experience with Fischer skis?  It has been many years since I last owned a pair and a few years since my last Fischer demo.  At that time I didn't like the Wateas as much as the other offerings in it's class.  The buzz I'm hearing on the Motive 95 is that it's one of the best skis to come out in a long time.  There isn't too much info available on it, but my contact person can't stop talking about it.


I currently have a lot of skis.  Many of them are still very good.  Here is a list of whats out in my garage right now.


Rossi Soul7 188

Rossi E88  178

Rossi E98  180

Rossi S7  188

Head WC SL 165 race stock built for Bode acquired from BP

Volkl Gotoma 176 non rockered

Volkl Sumo 176 w Duke binding & skins

Nordica Jet Fuel 170

Dynastar Contact Limited 172

Atomic Yanak (tele daddy) 174 w Fritzie binding & skins


I also have some tele skis

Atomic Tele Daddy 174 w G3s & Skins

Line Blend 178 w Hammerheads


I also have a few older alpine and tele skis that aren't worth listing.


My thought is that the Big Stix could replace the Soul7 and S7 and the Motive 95 could replace the E98 and E88.  I don't think I need a Progressor because of the E88 and the Heads.  I have given some thought to remounting the E88s with a Hammerhead and using them as a tele ski.  I really like the E88s, but they have well over 100 days of hard skiing on them and I could use a fresher pair for alpine.  I have also thought about remounting the Soul7s with a tech binding for a lighter touring set-up.  I don't currently have a tech boot, but that could change.


I'm 51 yo, 5'10", 175 lbs, and ski over 100 days/year at JHMR.


Thanks for your input into my first world "problem".


Also...  Anyone coming for the gathering is welcome to try/buy some of my older skis.  The prices would be pretty good.

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If there are no exams, Motive 95ti and maybe one of the wider Rangers.
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The Motive 95 is outstanding.  For me, the Motive 86 and 95 were highlights of the demos last spring. 


I also liked the Ranger 106 quite a bit. Maybe the best carver at that width that I've tried (fairly traditional feel through the tail), but also really quick, fun and nice in the soft snow  - you can break the tails loose and slide it if you want to.  It gave a smooth, damp ride but it wasn't too heavy or ponderous edge to edge.  In really heavy, wet, chunky snow toward the bottom of Crystal I pushed it over the edge (operator error to an extent, but in the same conditions, some other 10-something skis were more solid and burly), but 2000 vertical feet higher where the snow was good the Ranger 106 was awesome.  Didn't try the Big Stix, so I can't compare.


I'd love the Ranger 106 as a soft snow day ski at a place like Mission Ridge or CO front range where the snow is dry and light and you usually aren't seeing more than 6-12 inches.  Out here, in heavier coastal snow, in that slot I prefer something more like the Cochise or a Q-Lab 104 - but I am 5'11", 185#.


I could see a 2 ski quiver of 2015 Fischer for a non-costal location made from the Motive 86 and the Ranger 106 covering 80% of free ski days.  Supplement in a fat powder ski or a carver depending on your preference.  But you are keeping the E88s so go for the 95s over the 86s.  And the Motive 95 would be a sweet daily driver at a big mountain like Jackson.

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I love the BS 110.  It is relatively light for its size and is very well made.  It is actually the narrower ski in my Targhee quiver of 2.  It floats pretty well and carves decently considering its width when the snow is harder.  It is not as good in crud for me but that is partly because it is relatively light.  I would love to have it in a longer size because I am 6'1" and barrel shaped.  The 186 should be fine for you size wise.


I have been thinking about getting a pair of the 122 for the deepest days.

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Thanks for the responses.  I am not too worried about having a particular ski for exams.  I will take my next exam on whatever ski I am most comfortable with at the time.  It could be the Motive 95 or the E88.  I probably wouldn't attempt to use something like the S7, but would like to think that it's possible to show the movements and pass with a ski like that.  It may not be because of bias in some of the examiners, but I think it should be.  I think that the Ranger 106 is too much like my Soul7 which was new last year.  I may switch bindings on that ski and replace it, but it won't be right away.  I'm leaning heavily towards the BS 110.  I can only keep 3 pairs of skis at the mountain and one of them needs to be a tele set-up.  Sometimes I will rotate a fat ski for a slalom ski depending on weather trends.  I have the Heads and the E88s to cover the slalom side of things right now.  It hasn't been spelled out, but I understand that the reason I am being offered 2 pairs of skis is so that people will see me on Fischers nearly everyday.  I probably have to pull the trigger inside of 10 days, so no demos for me.


Thanks again for the perspectives.

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I exclusively ski Motive 80's and LOVE them. My cousin was so impressed with them that he bought a pair, too. I intend to add another set to my quiver, and was seriously considering the Big Stix 110s. I can't emphasize enough how happy I have been with my Fischers. I think you're on the right track...

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