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Ski advice for a heavy skier [mostly Oregon]

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Hi all, another one of those "what's the best ski for me?" posts.


Me: 5'11", 260 pounds (aka "bigger than your average bear"), upper intermediate/advanced skiier (love blues and some smoother blacks). Been skiing off and on for 20 years. Budget: Frugal - can't justify $1000+ skis, open to good quality used skis.


Ski style: I like having fun on my skis.  Not much of a fall line charger, 50% piste/50% off piste, enjoy fast swooping around on ungroomed but smoother bowls, ducking through trees, occasionally hit a ramp or pipe in the park. Not into moguls or bumps. Would be nice to practice switch more, but not critical (current skis are twin tips for this reason, but one-ski quiver is always a nice wish)


Ski conditions: 90% Oregon, usually Mt Hood.  Known for "Cascade cement", I'm often night skiing so getting a lot of skied-out chop/crud.  Occasionally get some fresh powder, but more often get dense heavy/wet snow. Spring sometimes brings crusty thaw/refreeze conditions.


Current skis: Head Bullet 84s.  Fun park skis, but heavy and a bit narrow for the crud and powder I want to ski more.  Also these are straight camber and I'd like a little more rocker to play with.


In reading reviews and asking around for the last few seasons, here's my "possible suspects" list of what I'm contemplating.  Given my weight (which I know means I need to step up the stiffness), style, and home base, which do you think is best fit, or what have I missing out on and must consider?  [not done as a poll in case new skis are suggested]


Blizzard Bonafide (@187, maybe 180)

Volkl Mantra (@184)

Nordica Hell&Back/Steadfast (@185)

Nordica Soul Rider (@185)

Line Sir Francis Bacon (@184, maybe @190)

ON3P Jeffrey (older model in 108mm width)

Atomic Alibi (@187)

K2 Annex 98 (@184 - worried may be too soft?)

Moment Tahoe (@186)

Moment PB&J (@188)

Armada TNT (@183, maybe @192 - hear these ski "short")

Line Supernatural 100 (@186?)

Rossignol Soul 7 (heard reports may not handle heavy weight well?)

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How about switching over to a full reverse camber "Volkl  Two" or

"Icelantic Gypsy"



For a little different ski.

For your weight






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Interesting suggestions, Mikeo, but those both look to be pure powder/backcountry skis (rather wide at 126 and 125 mm, respectively).  Would they work that well for frontside piste runs?


Most of the candidates I was considering are in the 95-108mm midfat width that can handle carving groomers but also give some float in fresh stuff.  I'd worry that I won't see enough deep pow days to really get the use out of a pair of powder-oriented skis.

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You have a rather broad base on what you want the ski to do and also a large selection to choose from - Too much in my opinion.  For example I am 200 lbs, own Bonafides and Armada JJ's and they aren't even close in skiing characteristics. 


With your question there is only one way to really get what you want.  Wait for the snow and go Demo different ski's.  Besides trying different brands and models of ski's also try some longer models based on your weight.  My Blizzards are 180 and JJ's 185 and if I didn't have an arthritic R knee they would probably be longer.  At 200lbs I skied The rossi S7 at 190 for years and liked the ski.


Go demo otherwise you will be cheating yourself.  


Have a great year   Pete

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5'10" 220 Lbs. Expert (on some) Intermediate (on others). Do not care for bumps either. Got a pair of Fischer Watea 106 in 182 length. Great cascade concrete bashers for up here in Seattle. Big mountain ski that feels at home on piste. Good large radius turners with stability galore. Take a look. Good prices on remaining 2013 can be had online.
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Fischer motive 95 Ti. A Bonefide or new Mantra. A Nordica Vagabond in the appropriate length is you could find one. A 184 Kastle FX 104 probably be very nice. Maybe the new Cochise now that its a bit more forgiving. And you're right. A Rossi Soul 7 isn't a ski for a 260#er.
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6' 4", 250 lbs - love my Fischer Motive 95's for exactly the type of skiing you describe, skiing mostly at Mammoth

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