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Marker M1000 toe piece failure

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Had what I hope is an isolated but troubling failure in a jr. racer's binding this weekend-

Marker M1000 Jr Comp CCxi-

there is a black plastic piece just above the toe of the boot with writing on it that says "Protec" and below that there is a plastic piece that holds the front cams in place- that piece seems to have broken apart, allowing the toe piece ears to flex left and right and ultimately to no longer retain the boot laterally.

A J5 racer, only 80 to 90 pounds, but agressive and a very good turner- in the top 10 boys in northern Vt. He had great first run in a rutty course and then lost his ski in the 2nd run. After collecting himself he put the ski on and skied down. Later in the day we went to free ski and the skied popped off while he was skating off of the lift- took a look and found that the toe piece was trashed-

moral- Inspect the gear early and often. who knows how long that plastic piece might have been cracked? I might have seen it when the ski was up on the bench if I had looked carefully- would I have acted/not allowed him to use his favorite skis in the Sunday race if it only looked like a small crack? Not likely since the piece appears to be cosmetic, but I now think that piece of plastic is all that is between the skier and a potentially catastrophic fall. (ripping on the narrow groomed with trees left and right.....)

question- does this ring any bells with anyone? I am a touch hesitant about trusting this design for another round. I have skiied Marker myself for years and have always liked their products.

no one hurt, so no long term harm, but an ugly way to go out of the season finale-

no Marker trashing PLEASE- I am looking for info and have no desire to flame them----


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I had two sets of Markers- 7.1 and 8.1- which sustained damage to the toepiece through normal wear and tear. The 7.1s had the entire plastic cladding for the toepiece snap off- the binding was still functional, but I didnt trust them any longer. The others had one of the cams bend sideways out of lace and then crack off when I took it into the lodge to fix it- I threw them away. Granted, I do ski a lot,and am a pretty aggressive skier, but I expect that if a company like Marker chooses to put a plastic cladding over the toepiece machanism, whey would stress test it to make sure it was durable in cold weather. I have known other people who have had troubles with the durabilities in Markers, and hence I now only ski Rossi/Look bindings- which have a much less fragile toepiece.
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A friend of mine first had the Völkl P50 with Marker's and one of the toepieces just cracked and the whole thing broke off!!

He got them and the ski's replaced and when using the new P60 he got as compensation for the first time this summer, the same thing happened after just four days!!!

The whole setup just cracked and broke off!
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Thanks for the heads up on that. My son is a J-3 and has those on his GS skis. they have no visible cracks, just some minor scuffing from the toe of the boot but I'm going to call the shop to see if there is a recall.
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