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Ski for both SL and GS?

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I was normally going to just get slalom skis to use for both but I've lately been thinking of getting slightly larger radius(15m?) skis for better use in GS also(since I don't have enough to buy 2). Or should I just stick with slalom skis? As for me, I'm 5' 9" and 140lbs and I would consider myself an advanced skier.



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Depends if you are competing or not and if so what the rules are. As long as there are no restrictions on what you can run in the courses going with a GS cheater (something between a 12m SL and a 27M GS ski would be just fine all around hardpack carving and also beer league or NASTAR racing.

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I tried running some slalom gates last year on my Fischer Progressor 950s and couldn't ski very fast or I would miss gates.  I think it's easier to ski SL skis in a GS course than vice versa.  If you're competitive at either or both, you need the right tools for the job.

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I have both skis and can say that a true SL ski will scare you at GS speeds as they get squirrelly at about 40mph give or take. The true GS can be skied old school for SL however it won't be as fast and will require work (and you have to able to ski old school). The cheater ski would be your best bet as it it has a bit of forgiveness built in. Not the best ski for either but the best ski for both.

Edit...Having read ScotsSkier reply, take his advice!
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Depends if you are competing or not and if so what the rules are. 

This. One ski in the 15-18 m range is fine if you're talking NASTAR, club racing, you're new at it, and you want to get used to things. OTOH, you won't exactly tear up the courses if you're Master's racing. I'd be surprised if there are rules, since FIS/USSA only sets length and shape regs for U16 and up in sanctioned races. Masters can choose their own. (I know a guy who skied a GS on his Mantras, and I know another guy who skis SL and GS on MX78's.) As can NASTAR. As can club and beer league. More about how well you'll do than what someone says you can ski on. 

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If you are planning on running real slalom gates, as opposed to Nastarish slalom you need a slalom ski.  Period.   Even trying to run a cheater (worst of all worlds IMHO) it will still be simply an obstacle course.  Not just slower but absolutely no fun.  


And as was mentioned above, running a slalom ski in a GS course can not only be scary but present a very real risk of danger.  If it hooks up on you at GS speeds, things happen very quickly and you can get launched (ask my rotator cuff how I know....:mad) .


Times have changed from 30 years ago when you could run one ski for both.  If all you are doing is playing about on simple club/recreational/Nastar courses you can get away with most things.  But if you are using real courses get something more like the proper tool for the job.  

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if you can't afford slalom skis I would not ski a slalom course. No fun at all on a cheater GS. Since you won't be competitive and it is no fun I just don't see a reason to do it. You can have lots of fun racing GS.
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   When I take one  ski to the hill to coach both SL and GS its a 170cm Fischer WC SC, thats their non fis SL ski. I'm 5'10" 200+ and it works great.These are mid west hills so not wc stuff, but it works fine. Our adult leagues are gs so I have gs skis I use because they are better although I have seen guys racing sl skis in our courses and they do fine in their "peer" group.

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At this time of year you might be able to find a ski swap that has some decent used SL and GS skis - this might allow you to buy both.  I don't know where you live, but if there is a local ski racing club, they might be able to let you know if, where and when a swap will be held.  Used U16 or U18 SL skis in a 165 would probably be OK.  Be careful with used GS skis - newer FIS (U18) skis would likely have a radius that is too large. - the current minimum radius for a FIS level GS is 35m and the minimal length is 195 cm.   I'm guessing that this would probably not be a good thing for you.  A women's GS from a couple of years ago with 23 m radius 183 cm would be a good choice. 



If you go this route, make sure to closely inspect the skis edge and bindings  (racers can be hard on skis and sometimes tune the life out of them). 

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