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Monte Rosa/Gressoney?

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I'm giving Monte Rosa another try this year (we ended up in Via Lattea last year--pleasant surprise) hoping find lodging. Champuloc was our prefered village, but it seems difficult to find anything the dates that we're going due to the size of our group (8 ppl). Anyway, we've been offered apartments in Gressoney (the village higher up) next to one of the lifts that seem good. Question is if the village is too small? We certainly don't need or want any nightlife at all, but at leat 3-4 different restaurants with good food to choose from. What's the village like?
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No problem if you are in Gressoney proper. Plenty restaurants to keep you going.

However there is a little satellite village which can get lumped in as 'Gressoney' by one of the lifts. I don't remember it's name. Not much there, it is quite a few years back and I was with a vegetarian coeliac so we did not eat out.. I remember maybe 2 possibly 3 places to eat out and a dinky supermarket.
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It is in Gresonney trinité/stafal? One apartment is in a recidence called Felik and one in Hotel Nordend.
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St. Jean is nice, large village but not near any lifts. Trinite is smaller but closer to lifts, still a bit of a sclepp, but Ok. Staffl is super-convenient but tiny.
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Gressoney La Trinite has one old chair lift (Jolanda) going out of town that links into the rest of the area.   Very small place.  I can think of 2 hotels (maybe 3?) with restaurants there but there is nothing else.  Staffl is further up the road and is the base for major lifts but there is very little else there.  I've stayed at the Hotel DuFour in Gressoney LaTrinite and would recommend.  A good 3*. 

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I'd choose Alagna as a base myself, it's more atmospheric, though Gressoney has the advantage of being in the center of the network. If I remember correctly, the chair out of La Trinite' still requires a bit of a schlepp along the road, though not sure, I've always parked at Staffl and skied from there, or started from Alagna. Alagna is more of a hassle to get to, though. 

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Undortunatelly we have not found any lodging in Alagna (or Champuloc) that fits our schedule. It's either Gressoney or some place completely different.

EDIT. Did some google maping and it is in Staffl/Tschaval. Seems convenient, but indeed tiny. As I said we don't need much... but we need something. 3-4 good restaurants will be enough. I'm so done schlepping kid's skis.
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Staffl is super-convenient and very cosy. But you'll need to drive or hitch or something to do any significant shopping or have much of a choice in restaurants (or just go for a stroll). 

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Do they not have a ski bus running through Gressoney's multiple personalities? On the far-left valley, there's a ski bus running a loop from Champoluc up to Frachey and down to Atagnod.

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Yeah, there's probably an ultra-efficient-as-always-in-Italy bus over there too. 

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To be fair, the one in Champoluc wasn't bad. My only complaint was that they charged €1 a ride. I think if you're a not-particularly-well-known resort with small crowds and a lot of lodging that's a significant walk from the lifts, then it's probably best to offer a free service like most other resorts.

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I hate buses at resorts, always seems like a failure in planning. Same as having to drive, I'm a pedestrian-village snob. 

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I don't mind too much as long as they run frequently and the stops are convenient. If I have to wait 30 minutes or the stops are in odd locations, then I just end up strapping my skis to my backpack and doing the long walk.

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Bussing, driving, schlepping is out of the question. Wouldn't book a place that requires any of the mentioned. Got enough of logistic challanges with the kids.
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It depends. If I'm in North America and I have a pickup I consider the driving around part of the experience. 

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