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Smith Vice vs. Phenom googles

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Would appreciate some guidance.  I am looking at two different Smith Goggles on sale/online.  Smith Vice with Ignitor lens and Smith Phenom with Red sensor.  Googles would be worn with Smith Variant Brim helmet.  Smith describes the ignitor as their "all around" lens for all conditions.  The red sensor appears to be higher VLT for low light conditions. 


I ski in the Pacific Northwest primarily at Mount Baker and only a few times per year.  Either of these would be an upgrade of my current goggles.  I generally do not wear goggles if sunny as I prefer sunglasses.  I find I really only wear goggles when snowing.


Is the ignitor lens truly a good all around lens for Pacific Northwest light conditions?  or, If I typically only wear goggles when snowing, would the better option be the red sensor?  Any opinions on theses two frames and lenses would be appreciated.

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Ignitor is good all around but if you're wearing them in cloudy:overcast/shade then maybe red sensor will be better. Red sensor is good except for sunny days, when it is too bright for my eyes.

I've tried all of these in Phenom: blue sensor, platinum mirror, red sensor, Ignitor mirror, green sol x, rc 36. That said, they're your eyes and YMMV
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Of the Smith lenses, Sensor Mirror is what most people consider the best for low-light conditions.  I have the Phenom frames with Sensor Mirror and Ignitor lenses, and I almost never use the Ignitor.

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Ignitor is much darker than sensor-mirror, and is way too dark for low-light days, IMO. The Blue sensor mirror is the best low light, stormy and foggy lens Smith makes. It is a good lens that brings out a ton of snow contrast and is excellent up to moderately bright conditions.

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Yep. If he were able to get blue sensor mirror on sale, I'd recommend those too. Given Ignitor vs red sensor, seems like red sensor would be better in the PNW for someone who only wears goggles on cloudy/stormy days.
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Yeah sorry you're advice is right on. I forgot about the red-sensor being on sale. It is very close and similar to the blue-sensor only a few percentage points more VLT. Can't go wrong with the red-sensor either!

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I don't know if this is still the case, but the last two pair of Smith goggles I ordered came with a spare bright yellow lens, which IMO is about as good as it gets for flat light. YVMV

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I get the sale value (who can pass up a deal?).  How old are you, Sportsman?  If you're over 40, it could be useful to wait.  I've found good deals on goggles even in mid-winter, and I find, at my age, that every extra % of VLT is to be coveted.

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if you're buying from STP, just order both and return the one that fits worse.  That's something we can't advise on and is equally as important.


$6.95 for the return shipping.


I've even gone as far as buying several items and just ended up returned them all to STP.


$7 is the same as as the gas for taking 2 car trips to a brick and mortar store, so don't feel you're really losing out. 

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