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Starting to build a little quiver and need some advice.

Basic stats: 6'2", 175, Level 7ish skier. Colorado (90% Loveland) skier. ~20 days last season, aiming for ~30 this. Ski all over the mountain, esp windblown crusty bowls, trees, and steeps.

Current quiver:
- Atomic Blog (110 under foot) 185, Marker Barons (6" + days and touring.)
- Volkl Karmas (89 under foot) 185, Tyrolia SP120 Demo bindings. (Big / Fast days with variable snow conditions)
- Fischer Watea 84 (84 under foot), 176cm, Solly 912ti. (Soft snow, bumps, teaching the SO, cruising with Mom)

The problem/opportunity:

The Volkl's demo bindings make me a little nervous. There is play in the binding until the boot is in -- at which point it disappears completely. Not sure if this pre-step-in play is anything to worry about? I skied them last year ~10-12 days and had no big issues. Bases/edges are in good shape, topsheets are beat to hell.

I have a line on a pair of Volkl Bridge's in 185 with a Solly S12 binding for cheap (~$120.) They are the pre-rocker model, (i.e. full camber.)

  • Do nothing. Keep skiing the Karmas and don't be a worry wart about a little play
  • Sell the Karmas -- the Wateas will be fine in crusty/variable conditions/everyday ski.
  • Buy the Bridges, sell the Karmas for cheap.
  • Replace the Karma's demo bindings with some Look PX12s from a friend ($40 + $30 to mount)

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