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Postcard from The Basin

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Last Saturday was an Epic day at Arapahoe Basin, as a number of the Colorado Bears gathered to play on the still 108" snow base at "The Legend." It was an incredible day, with blue sky, fresh snow, fun people, and a barbeque on "The Beach" that was clearly better than 97% of all barbeques.

Here's a few pictures of the gang:

At top left, the first two pictures show JimBobBubba (retro goggles), Bong (bright blue jacket), and VailSnoPro (EpicSki Academy hat). In the pink lounge chair is EABrown, then Kima, in the white turtleneck. Bottom right is me, in the tan EpicSki Academy cap, and--yes!--SCSA. Bottom left shows the whole gang, plus a couple significant others and future Bears. Left center is SCSA, Kima, Bob Barnes, EABrown, and VailSnoPro. Center right is Bong.

Wish you were here....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Great pictures!
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Nice, Bob. Thanks.
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Nice goggles and head attire:verb-Put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive,JimBobBubba. No really I mean it.
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cool Pic's Bob, Thanks.
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The Bubba Wardrobe:

Bandanna: $5
1972 Target store goggles: $5
Jacket (Sam's Club): $19
Pants (Walmart): $12
Ski Boots (Play it Again Sports - Bubba upgraded from his '74 orange Langes when he move to CO from MN last year): $49

3 kids in private school: YES

It was a warm, sunny day and the bandanna stays on Bubba's big ol' head (Bubba is a fashion rebel, hence JBB). [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

[ April 30, 2003, 11:08 AM: Message edited by: JimBobBubba ]
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I still wear my rubber rain pants from when I was a logger.
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Oh god! I hope I can visit Colorado soon !
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Bob, thanks for posting the pics! What a fun day. It was great to meet everyone. Thanks to all for not making me feel out of place among all the truly expert skiers.

Next, the Epic Rafting Trip!
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JimBobBubba's close personal friend says: "I'm gonna get you slider."

</center>But seriously, it was good for this MN transplant to ski with those with a passion for excellence and the sport. If I keep using VSP's tip, I can change my handle to "97th percentile." [img]tongue.gif[/img]

I'm enjoying my "second childhood" here in these beautiful Colorado mountains. Thanks for "playtime" y'all.
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OH MY GOD! SCSA! Now where have I heard that name? :

Miss ya DUDE!

Ya'll are looking good, Bob! Thanks for the show!
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Here is a copy of the post re: the Basin Gathering, as it was posted on the Meetings Forum-

"Here's the quick and dirty-

A beautiful day, cool in the morning, but warm enough for t-shirts in the afternoon.
The snow ranged from virtually unskiable to fantastic.
It turned out to be one of the biggest (most crowded) days in A Basin history. We increased that number by 11 Bears.
The beach was full by 7pm the previous evening, so we just poached some space in front of another group.

It took a little while for us to meet up, some were outside, some inside, but we did it, mostly by luck!

After a few runs, getting to meet each other, and testing the snow, we stopped briefly to get drinks and to get the BBQ grills going. Then it was time to attack Paliviccini! After a several runs there, everyone was hungry so we dropped in to the beach. There we had so much more food than twice our number could have eaten.
After eating our fill, we hit the Pali chair for many more runs until it closed. Then it was beer thirty, so the supplies dwindled quickly.

Bears in attendance-
Storm (and son)
Kima (and spouse)
Bob Barnes
Mike M
Myself (vail snopro)
and a few others that, I apologize, I can't remember their handles...

It was a real treat to meet and ski with this group, as I had only met Bob and Mike previously.

Oh- how could I almost forget-
The reclusive SCSA made an appearance about lunch time, and skied the afternoon with us.

More later, with photos from Bob B."

So, if you didn't see this on the other thread, it'll catch you up.

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I wish I was there too.
Thanks for the pic.
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Great pics Bob [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] ! We had a great time!! Thanks for the beef VSP. Lets do it again before the Basin closes.

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Thanks everyone for a fun filled day. It was awesome to meet some of the Bears. It would be fun to go to the Basin again before the it : closes. eabrown
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I have a caption for the photo of BobB. and SCSA:
Give Peace a Chance!

Great pics!
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Originally posted by Matteo:
I wish I was there too.
Thanks for the pic.
We should form an organization called Bears in Exile !
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Why extreme, we're "here" like everybody else

P.S. enjoy your coming season
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Originally posted by extreme veteran:
...Bears in Exile
About 10 years ago, after graduating from university, I was looking for a job. I read in the local paper that there were thousands of jobs in jeopardy.
I was down at the travel agents within 5 minutes, but they couldn't get me a flight to Jeopardy, so that I could get one of these jobs.

I'm just wondering if Exile is anywhere near Jeopardy, if so, can you give me directions?

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Is Bong that pixelated in person? Or is he a CGI character?
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Are those next year's elans Bob?
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Originally posted by Matteo:
Why extreme, we're "here" like everybody else

P.S. enjoy your coming season
You are right ,we are " the community of the Net "
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It's the sun and age spots!!! Actually I usually show up at 300dpi. :

I'm 3rd from the right in this one :
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Yes, Tog--that's next year's Elan S-12, in 168cm. SCSA announced that he finally sees value in skis under 190cm, so we were comparing the lengths of our, um, equipment. He's still got to cut off a few more centimeters if he wants to become a real man....


The "S" line of skis is a whole new line for Elan--a little narrower waist, a little deeper sidecut than the still current Mantis line. They're both all-mountain, do-everything-pretty-well skis. The "12" is the highest performance model in the line, and it is a GREAT ski, although it's a little stiffer than ideal for off-piste and soft snow. It's a vertical sidewall construction like a full race ski, except for the very tip and tail, which are slightly more forgiving "cap" construction.

They'll also make the S-12 (and Mantis 12) in a new "Fusion" integrated binding alternative. A Marker binding mounts literally IN the ski, with a system that provides for a very free-flexing ski. I haven't skied the Fusion yet. My guess is that it will seem a bit softer, and could be a better off-piste ski.

Best regards,
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