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Buying Race ski size

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Im new to this epicski. I just signed up.


I'm very excited to ski this year. I'm interested in buying either Atomic Redster FIS SL or Atomic Redster D2 SL.


Currently, 173 cm tall ,   150 lb weight.


1. Which ski will be better for me to try?

2. What length of ski should I buy?


I have been skiing for 25 years now. 


Thank you for advice.


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165 cm

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are you still growing? 160 non-FIS, 158 FIS would work well for your height/weight. You will not come close to overpowering them. 165 will be okay, too, but you may have better luck finding a deal on last year's model in the shorter lengths if that interests you.
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Thank you ghost, docmartin.
Epicski is awesome! I'm glad that I joined. Im pretty much stop growing. 165 or 160/158 sounds good but Is there big difference between non fis vs fis? I maybe don't have enought strength to bend 165? Hard to decide.
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the non-FIS is a very capable ski and a lot of fun. I don't find you miss much at the top end unless you are a very serious slalom racer. most amateur racers are weak at slalom and the non-FIS would be plenty for them (that includes me). They actually would be slower on the FIS in a slalom course. The non-FIS is also more versatile e.g. you can actually have fun skiing bumps with it. Not so with the FIS version.
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