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Eski and End of season

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That's it for me this season. My gear is getting it's summer treatments and packed, My locker is empty (my last teach day was 2 weeks ago), Sugarbowl's last day is Sunday. (even though we are still getting pounded with new snow this week)

Thanks Eski for the few runs we got to make. At least we had a few this season. Enjoy Whistler and See you next Fall.

It's been a great season. Thanks to all of you that contributed to an enjoyable winter. The thoughts, tips, Movement Analysis, comments, encouragement, and sounding board went a long way to me getting my Level II. Keep it up for me and the other Bears. I doubt I'll be away from the forum much during the summer but I did want to give my thanks and share these thoughts as I packed my gear.

Summer projects? Time to clear the wood shop and start cranking out some more furniture. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Oh yeah, I guess I better make some money during the off season so I can do this again next season
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And lest anyone forget, check out ESKI'S AWESOME BOOK:
Ski the Whole Mountain! Support Epicski by ordering through AC's Amazon link! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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