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Ski conditioning - 2014

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How about coming up with a list of 8 to 10 exercises that are specific to ski conditioning. The assumption being that it will not include any aerobic conditioning. As we all know, there are numerous books and clips on ski exercises but has anyone seen "the list" of exercises that covers anything?

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Assume lifts are to be done weighted. This would be my list.

Dead lifts
Standing overhead press
Bench press
Pull ups (weighted)
Hanging front levers
Hanging wipers
Dragon flags
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In no particular order of importance:

Jump rope intervals.
Chin-up,pull up.
Deadlift variations.
Kettlebell Swings.

Anything that is self limiting in nature. Train generally, practice specifically.
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Weighted Sumo Squat Jumps


Lateral Jumps

Ice Skater Jumps

Steps Ups

Hill Sprints

Back Pedals

Axe Chops

Plank Variations

Box Jumps


High Knee Jumps

Medicine Ball Throws

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1. 15' cycling

2. Squats

3. 1 leg Box squats (going down slowly with 1 leg hanging at the side of the box)

4.  Jumps on a box

5.  2 legs and 1 leg body weight very slow squat on a wobble board ( eyes open and closed)

6.  crunches

7.  side crunches

8.  lower back exercise

9.  rope pulley down with arms straight to mimic the arm mvmt we do to move foward on flat spots...

10. flexibility

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Look for strength, it will give many people the biggest bang for the buck.


Front squat, back squat, dead lift.  Move in the direction of low rep high weight.  Obviously start with low weight.  Good form is a must!


Crunches were mentioned.  Sit-ups too!  You can do a circuit that includes a sit-up stop.  Do many... bang em out, how many is up to you but some might do 4 x 30 within your circuit - plus or minus (mine would be minus!)


Up hill sprints is great, some running is great.  You can put the running into your circuit - something like 5 x 200 with 2 or 3 other features.  Change up the distance and intensity.




A lot of good stuff already listed.  The key is how to use these in a way that challenges. 

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I don.t recommand to go low reps on squats and dead lift... Too many people don't have the correct form ( or the body) for it... I would not recommand to go under 12 reps. In fact, when trainning for skiing, I prefer to go for an 18 reps set after having done  3 sets of progressive warm ups... Why? Because it is still working strenght but also helping for  getting conditioning against the burn that occurs after a moment when skiing intensly...

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