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Short Cuff boots for a 5'2" male?

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I'm only 5'2" tall, weighing about 160lb.    Intermediate to advanced intermediate skier.  Any thoughts out there on whether I would benefit from a short cuff boot, such as the Lange RS110 SC ?  I've been in a Lange RS110 (not the short cuff version) with one rivet removed to reduce stiffness, and I've always felt as though I can't flex my ankle as much as I'd like to get more forward - as if I don't have enough leverage to do so.  


I also see that Lange makes 90 flex short cuff (RS90 SC).   Perhaps I need the lower flex plus the short cuff?


Any opinions for the boot guys would really be appreciated.  Thanks in advance! 

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Certainly I'd say you'd benefit from being in a shorter cuff, but there are others to chose from such as the Head B5 and Scorpion models from Dalbello.  It is possible the B5 will be too soft but it is definitely worth a try especially if your foot is narrow.  Dalbello has stiffer models also narrow and more difficult to find than the B5 but almost certainly one of the fitters here sells them and I do but I'm in Canada.


Also remember, boots can be softened without removing the rivet and will probably ski better.  160 lbs guy shouldn't be skiing in a 90 flex boot typically.



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lower the cuff on what you have?   then add the rivets back if needed?

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Thanks for the replies.  Just so I understand, can the cuff on the Lange be lowered?  I thought you'd have to somehow cut it.

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you would have to cut it to lower it, there is no magic button i am afriad (that is what your boot fitter is for)  the short cuff on the lange is 1cm shorter than the standard one

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Thanks, CEM.   I looked up the Short Cuff info on the Lange site and it is apparently 2cm lower in front and 1.5cm lower in back.   Not as big a difference as I assumed it would be from the standard cuff.  

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i love it when the marketing guys put info on the web site, Q is who is right, the R&D guys told us 1cm at the factory in italy last week when we were there love it

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either way, the nice thing about having the "normal" / tall cuff is you can lower it, front or back, to just what YOU want.     put the shell in warm/hot water,  use a good sharp utility knife, and go for it.

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Plastic is alway trimable and really that is the way many boot mods are done.  1cm will make more difference than you think.



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Just want to thank all the posters that provided advice.  While up in Vermont last weekend, I found a half price pair of new  RS110 SC in my size.  Tried them on, and also tested the difference between having the SC on one foot, and the standard height cuff boot on the other foot.  Immediately noticed a difference - ankle flexing felt more natural and easier (if that makes sense).  Bought them on the spot.  Figured now I can compare both types over the course of the upcoming ski season.

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