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OK.  This isn't car related unless you squint.  This is snow thrower related and I need that to get the car out of the driveway so I can go skiing.  Here's the problem:



Since it was 86* today, I decided to check out the snow thrower. I knew I had a tire that kept losing air so I thought I would pull it and get it fixed. When I pulled the tire off, I noticed a different problem.


Does anyone know if this can be welded back to life?


It slides over the axle and is how it engages with the drive train. The arrow is pointing to the opposite side that is cracked about 1/2 way from one side to the other.

I would just buy a rim but you have to get the tire and rim as an assembly and it cost $120.00!!!! Each!! For a stinkin' snow thrower tire!! I also checked the price of the light that burned out. That's only $60. WTF?!  I told my Mai I would duct tape a flash light on it first. She called me a redneck. I think of it as not being a patsy.


Anyway, if someone knows whether this can be welded (I believe it is steel) or am I doomed to pay the Husqvarna extortion?  :hopmad: