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Skis for teenager

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I need to get my14 yr old skis this year. He's grown 5 inches this year and is now 6 ft 145 lbs. with him so light, do you size him shorter than if a regular 6 ft male? He's a pretty strong skier. Grew up skiing at Squaw Valley since he was 4. Skis 20 days a rear. He loves skiing the whole mountain. I'm looking for a used all mountain ski. I ski Bonafide and love them. I was considering getting him something similar. Share your thoughts please.
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I didn't ask my question right. Should I put my boy in skis like that at 145 lb or should I consider a softer flex?
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Kabookie... Bonafide sans metal. Or a Nordica Soul Rider
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Originally Posted by vontress View Post

I didn't ask my question right. Should I put my boy in skis like that at 145 lb or should I consider a softer flex?

I am not means an expert, but I previously posted that it depends on BMI and length of ski.  


In the past there were less ski choices, so you could only only make adjustments by length.  But now they make all kinds of skis to fit just right.

If you put him on a 172cm bonafide, that flex would be right for that weight; but the skis may feel too short for him at his height.

So if he prefers to ski on a longer 180 or 187 ski, which may match his height; but then you choose the lighter flex to reflect proportional lighter weight.

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I'm not that familiar with everything that's available with all mountain skis but I might approach this a different way.


You say he's a strong skier. 

What was he skiing on last season and did he like it?


When he was 5" shorter last season, how much did he weight?


If he didn't have such a growth spurt (maybe only grew an inch or two), and you had to get him new skis, what would you get?


The reason I'm asking the above questions is to see what he was able to do.  It sounds like his weight didn't keep up with his height (how could it!).  So though he's light for his height, he's also tall for his weight.  That means this season, he'll have a lot more leverage than last season.  He might not have the strength he will when he's a full grown man, but I bet he has close to that of a tall women (I really don't mean to sound sexist with that comment).


At a minimum, he has last year's strength and this year's leverage.  Maybe skis short for his height but stiff for his weight?


Some brand strictly use height, gender and adult or child as a selector.  Elan does this.  Maybe play around with a few sites and see what they recommend.


What are you going to do about boots?  Even if his foot didn't grow (surely it did or he'd fall over), he should be able to crush whatever he had last year.


Have fun figuring this one out!



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He skied last year on a pair od Gottama jrs. He weighed a lot less. He's just grown into a big man child. You're right about the leverage being greater but I'm amazed at strength improvements too. Some of that is 3 hr a day football workouts. This is hard for me because he lacks the experience to give me feedback. I could have him demo but I really don't want to buy new when I know they are a 2 yr ski at best. However, I think you've answered the question that it will take more thought than buying for a grown man at his heighth. If anyone wants to throw around some length and ski suggestions, it would really help. I think something around 98 under foot.
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Nordica Soul rider

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I put my son on Bushwackers in a similar circumstance.  Two season later, so far so good.  We'll see how it goes this season because he buffed out considerably last season.  I will say, he loves those skis so if they aren't working great, it will still be hard to get him to switch to something else.  He was 5'11" about 160lbs and we put him on 180's.  I will add that we live in SoCal and ski mostly groomers.  However, he did ski them at PowMow last year on a CAT serviced slack country run in the middle of a blizzard and had a blast - and he was 6'1" and weighed it at 180.

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