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As promised in my earlier SLC-Alta thread, I am looking for some insight on the drive from SLC to Jackson Hole.  I like to plan ahead and am slowly putting together my trip west for sometime in February.  I will be skiing Altabird and Jackson Hole, but depending on what time I can fly in, I am not sure which order they will be in.  If I can get an early flight, I will drive up to JH that day.  If its a late flight, I will just stay in SLC and ski there first.  So the question, what is the drive up there like?  My GPS puts the drive from the airport to JH at 5:30 up through Idaho Falls.  That time of the year, are those roads slow for travel, or are they good roads?  I will have a rental SUV and snow driving doesn't bother me.  I don't want to waste a day driving, so if I do Altabird first, I will drive up after a day of skiing and get in late at night, which looks like a 6:30 drive.  Any insight would be great. 

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Based on my experience last winter in clear weather, with limited snow on the small roads, plan on 6 hours of driving not including any stops.  Could be less but don't count on it.


We went to JH from near the SLC airport via US30 and Soda Springs.  It's a pretty drive.  There was snow on the edges of the 2-lane highway but my friend who was driving his own AWD car didn't have to think too hard.  He has lots of snow driving experience.  There were places in the mountains where we were on packed snow, not dry payment.


On the way back, we took US189 to I-80.  That was much easier driving.  Meaning essentially no mountain driving at all.


When there is wind and blowing snow on I-15, it's a pain.  Ran into that going to Driggs a couple years ago.  Luckily only lasted for a little while around Pocatello.  In a snowstorm, I would stick with US189.

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Is there a system set up in the area that you can check snow and wind condition before leaving to determine which way to go?
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Originally Posted by gmoney View Post

Is there a system set up in the area that you can check snow and wind condition before leaving to determine which way to go?

I use NOAA or Intellicast to get a feel for weather.  Usually start watching carefully a week before.  You could post up on EpicSki a few days before to see what locals advise.  Best to put your travel dates in the title, including year.


For Utah weather:


For JH weather:

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I usually go through Soda Springs.  This is the fastest of the many routes available.  My second choice would be the other suggestion that marznc listed.  My last choice would be to go through IF.  I have done the drive in as little as 4.5 hours.  Count on 5.5 hours.

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