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DB your pm box is full

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See subject line
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OK will clear a few things out
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should be ok now
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Was there any good stuff in there?!
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I was going to send you a message this morning, but just want to check...
Have you cleared out your 'am' box?

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Just did another clearout should be OK again Fox
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I was going to put a request out for you on Wake Up To Wogan on BBC Radio 2, but couldn't get through.
Is your FM box full?

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You mean Zee Terry Vogan Show (over here in Nazi Austria).

Must admit gotta get a new coat hanger for das Funk (German for radio) all that umpa umpa music has worn it out.

Can't talk for long - gotta go and make sure Weisn Man hasn't escaped from his cage.

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I've been playing around with DNA today, and have created a new strain of corn. I was going to send it to you, but your GM box is full.

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