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2014 Pre-Season Ski Trade-A-Thon

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So my collection of stuff doesn't necessarily need to be pared down, but there are other things that I want more. The following is a list of what I have and what I want. Some of he skis have had the rust stoned off, some not, but all are ski-able.  I will post pictures ASAP but here is the preliminary list:


Rossi Strato square tip, brown, 215cm - I really want to trade down to same ski in 200cm


Olin Mark VI Comp GS, undrilled, 190cm


K2 Extreme 8.3, undrilled, 195cm


Fischer ALU 223 DH - Again, would really like to trade down in size to a 200-205 similar type


Kastle RX World Team Soft, 195cm


Rossi 4S 1984 model, 195cm, great shape


Dynamic VR27 Geant, pink ones, 207cm, almost new


Fischer RadArc soft, 180cm, asymetrical shape skis


Dynastar Course Giant, white with red dampners, 195cm


Dynastar Altitude, Tele/Backcounry, 195cm


Atomic ARC Team Bionic SL, 203cm, drilled for Tyrolia 380-390RD


Lacroix Mach 1, 193cm, drilled for M48


Lacroix Mach 3, 204cm, drilled for look 99


Volant Super, 195cm


Volant Legend, 195cm


Marker Motion Rail bindings for Volkl, Din 12


Look Pivot 14 bindings, Din 14


Atomic LT12 with Neox Din 12 bindings, 176cm, Great skis, great shape, just don't use them, Great beer leaguer


Dynastar Speed Course 64 with Look Pivot Din14 bindings, nearly new- maybe half a day on them, super fast, great beer leaguer. Again, just don't use.


What I want, 200-205cm:


Anything Spalding, any size

Dynamic VR17

Dynamic VR27

Dynastar MV5

Dynastar Acryglass or Omeglass2

Olin Mark IV Comp - I nhave to know what everyone is raving about

K2 710, 810

Blizzard Thermo or Olympic or 1970's Firebird, or V20

Fischer RC4 Vacuum SL Red, RS White

Fischer Superglass red/white

Marker MRR step in or pull up

Rossi ROC

Rossi Freestyle 1970's yellow




There are many others, but there is a theme here, 1970's, 80's 90's race skis, skiable, etc...

If you have any questions PM me, I can give you a detailed description of condition, what they are drilled for, etc...


With the Modern skis, Atomic LT12 and Dynastar Speed Course 64, what modern skis do you have that you want to trade. (I would love a pair of the newer Kastle's that everyone raves about)


So go dig your basements, check for multiples, decide what you don't use and let me know.



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I will throw these in too, Head isn't my brand and someone will enjoy them more than me. Killy 660 (maroon/silver) are absolutely beautiful.

Left to right

TG-M 195cm

360 200cm

Killy 660 185cm

Killy 800 198cm, tips chipped but no delam, definitely skiers

GKO3 180cm

HRP 178cm

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Here's some more of my collection I'm willing to trade or sell. AppleMark

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