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JJ or AK JJ?

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Im looking to buy my first pair of skis...really excited but not sure what to buy. I really like the Armada JJ ALOT. I just love the feel. Im looking for a one quiver ski. I only ski around 7 days a year but when I do I go crazy. I'm a hard charging off piste tight tree skier. I ski in Tahoe only, Mt. Rose, Northstar, and Heavenly to be exact. I'm 6' 2" and weigh 183lbs. Looking for right size as well. Last year skied some 175 JJ's and felt like they were incredibly small. Will the JJ be fine on groomers as well, just to get back to the lift of course;) Was wondering if the JJ will be fun if its a below average year......I'm open to new ideas (different brands, etc.)



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How about ski boots? You won't be able to charge hard on rented ski boots but you can demo for seven days a year.
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6'2" / 183lbs going crazy hard charging... look elsewhere, JJ is not your ski!

I'd look for something narrower, flatish tail, stiffer!

In the armada line the new Invictus is more what you would be looking at... salomon qlab another good option, and there are a ton of other better options for hard charging!
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