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Hi Everyone,


Recently, I bought new K2 Triax carbon poles, partly because I understood that the interchangeability of the baskets from hard-pack to powder and back (say, 60mm to 90 mm back to 60 mm) was fairly easy to do and could even be done on the slopes if, for example, one were skiing a groomer and suddenly wanted to veer off into powder for a change of pace.  I asked several distributors about this and the answer was that the baskets screw on and off but that the first time it is usually much harder to get them to release.  My question is: if they screw on and off why is there so much trouble getting them off and why pull them off instead of screwing them off (and on again)?  This doesn't make sense if one of the advantages of the poles is the ability to switch baskets.  I know the Goode poles are easier to do this, but I like the feel of the K2 Triax poles.  I also understand that if I dip the K2 poles in hot water for a few minutes to loosen the glue they will come off more easily. Why should this be so much trouble?  Can anyone shed some light on this matter?  Many thanks.