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I'm hunting for a pair of skis. When I was young, about 15-20 ago, I was skiing but then changed to snowboard. Trough out my teenage years I went to the mountains sporadically. Last year I moved to Switzerland and decided to try skiing again, turned out that it was a blast. This year I've decided to buy a pair of skis and try to ski as much as possible. 

I'm 165 lb and 6.07 ft. I'd assume I'm an intermediate skier but I expect to improve quickly. I can handle reds comfortably and blacks are ok. I will mostly ski on pist until my technique has been improved but I'd like to do more off pist when my skills allow. I'd say that I ski aggressively, at least I try, and like to go fast.


Last year i tried 

  • Atomic nomad blackeye ti
  • Völkl RTM 84
  • Völkl code..
  • Salomon BBR 89
  • Rossignol 9GS
  • K2 ... (fat ski)


What I can say from what I tested was that I'd like a with around 80-90mm. A ski that is a good carver but hasa bit of float. 


I'm looking at last years models and mainly at RTM81, Cham 87, stöckli Y85 and Outlander 87.

Would any of those be a good fit or should I look at something else? What length should I chose?