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Mode of viewing epicski

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Do you view epicski randomly or do you generally "start somewhere"?
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I read Epicski daily, and usually at night (I work midnights), so I generally start out at the "Today's New Posts". This gives me a good picture of what was posted during the day, and gives me a chance to pick out the threads that I am most interested in first.
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Whew, that was close Midwestskier. I thought you'd checked in to tell me the poll was somehow flawed, in which case I wouldn't argue - can't we all get along? - but I'd have to tell you, if you'd claimed "flawed," that you'd've crossed the boundary into Altaskier's staked-out turf. HE calls the flaws around here.

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Originally posted by ryan:
...if you'd claimed "flawed," that you'd've crossed the boundary into Altaskier's staked-out turf. HE calls the flaws around here.

Thank you for respecting my territory.

Now, without further a-do, I declare this poll...


Carry on.

(Flawed because I have no idea where topic "X" is)
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Actually, Mr. Trot; you're partly correct. I DID most certainly recall there'd been a similar thread of some sort, but wasn't sure of the specifics - were you actually "startled," by the way? - and just flatout didn't feel like searching.
And, had I recalled 'twas YOU who'd inaugurated this notion, I'd've been on the phone IMMEDIATELY, as I know you'd direct me to the site.

I will grant you the law and history may fall in your favor on this. Still, feel free to contact my attorney re how we'll resolve this royalties issue once this poll grows legs and becomes the cash cow I know it can be.


[ April 02, 2003, 07:08 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Worse than flawed or plagiaristic, this poll has no point, no purpose, not even the potential for utility. It is Seinfeld in poll form.
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I've just been speaking to a Mr B. Mused, (he was not A. Mused) at Sue & Con Bloodsuckers. He has you file in front of him.
He says the only way your case will stand up in court is if you prop it up with enough money.
If I were you, I'd plead insanity, and point out that this poll is a poor reflection of the original.

As for nolo's comments, it may seem to have no point and no purpose, but it may help his re-election, and keep the suppliers of poll juice happy (who, after all, paid for ryan to be elected in the first place)...

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Man, you can practacally smell the flaws here!

Did I just give this poll a Double Flaw?

Congrats ryan, your the first member to recieve the rare double flaw!
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Nolo, thanks, but you're far too generous.
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I wouldn't call it FLAWED, but it does bear a startling resemblance to one I posted a few months ago asking people to name which section they read first, and if there were any sections they didn't read.

So, I'll call it PLAGIARISED

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