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Looking for new skis for the 14/15 season and I'm torn between these two. I fit the descriptions perfectly, "a young skier who still wants to ski the whole mountain but whose heart is in the park". I'm not terribly good in the park but that's where the bulk of my riding will be and I will be going on a few mountain trips as well. I can't find much info at all on The Show's but my bro says Head is "rental crap" and I should totally go for the Volkl's.?. What do you guys recommend in terms of quality/durability/fun?


Also, the Alley's come in 158 and The Show's in 154 or 163 which would be closest to my size I believe. I'm 5 feet 9 1/2 inches and 150 pounds, which length would be best? I understand that you loose some length on twin tips so should I err on the long side?


Your comments are appreciated.