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Snow Shoe Advice

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This seemed like the closest to the pin forum.  I'm looking for advice on buying snow shoes.  We have a couple pairs that have been OK for what we have used them for; walk in knee deep snow to get to a distant part of the property and an occasional hike.  My wife would like to get more serious about hiking through the winter and noticed last winter, that there were several people using snow shoes that looked shorter and narrower and weren't kicking up as much snow.  The latter could be a technique though.


We aren't avid hikers but she does enjoy it and even when I'm not available to go with her, she can bring the dog.  She usually does between 2-5 miles.  No serious hills but this is NH :)


Any recommendations?  Brands, models, etc?




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Well, for maximally serious (approach/exit to climbing Denali carrying 100 pound pack) I used MSRs with removable extensions.  Very light.

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