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Drift cont. /

GunnerB, look up Phil's Nrgy 100 thread. I wrote some stuff there. If you like the 98, you'll like the 100, and it will be a bit better in soft snow,. I've skied the 98 a ton and the 100 feels much the same. The tip is a little less hooky and the forebody is a tinch softer. Ngry100 is nice on piste, and perhaps a better soft snow ski than the E100, and will work great for a lighter skier who just doesn't weight enough to work the E98 until the lifts close. Not a powerful in crud at high speed, but still a very nice ride. I'd be happy skiing this as well, but would ski the 185 (measures a bit longer than the 190(2?) E-100.

If money's not an issue and you want crud killing authority and supreme 'ripperdomness', spill your $1400 and get a Kastle MX 98. Loved the 184, but even the industry price is more than I'm willing to pay, which brings me to the Collective 105. (191, mounted -4...) The tail is stiffer than the 13-14 version, and that's good! I didn't get a lot of time on the ski, but it felt solid and powerful. That said, 105 is kind of in the next catagory a la the FX104, El Capo, et al. If the Rev 85 with a race plate does what I want it to do, the collective might be the choice for off piste charging. If not, it'll be the E or N 100. Both the E and N are super versatile.

Sorry for the drift everyone. /