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Lange RSJ-65 25.5

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2013/14. Used maybe 10 days. $100 include Superfeet green insole

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Bump. These things are like new. The kids feet are to big now :eek

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$100 is a good deal as I paid about $29 more for an IDENTICAL pair for my son (25.5) at the end of last season (from REI) & I he is scaring me with his growth.  When I bought them 7 months ago he was wearing a size 6 shoe and now....he measures EXACTLY to a size 7.5 so these may only last us a single season (or part of one)...LOL

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Ya, I bought these last season at full price at REI ( $200, I did get a $20 gift card though). He got 1 season out of them, and I am happy for that. My son is at 27.5 now! 

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Do you still have these? If so what is bsl - thx
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Yes I still have them. Looks like the bsl 298mm.

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