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Spring(hill) Fling and Farewell to the Season

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It's off to Jay Peak for some spring glades and a blow out to a great year. It's been about a year since I found this Community. Epicski has added a HUGE dimension to this sport and my perspective. I met a lot of Bears at the Academy and Gathering. I learned a lot and met new friends. I skied my tail off. I've skied more this year since 14 years B.C. (Before Children).
So thanks again AC for your fantastic forums and thank you all for sharing your time.

Be talkin' ta Yunz in da forums 'n 'at.

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Well, the Eurovan is packed. Videos, CDs, Tapes, Cell, Camcorder, Food, more Food, Light Cloths, Warm Cloths, Waterproof/breathable Cloths, Boots, Poles, Skis(2 sets for me [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] , 1 each for the crew ). Take the Chubbs? Naw, maybe it'll dump if I leave them behind [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img] . Vermont, here we come.

A note to all you Summit Co. Bears. If you see anybody wearing shirts that say LAUREL MONTAIN or black fleece vest that have green L M patch on left side, with snow capped 'M'. Or hear someone say 'yunz' or talk about 'Pitt', the 'Stillers' or 'Pengs' or 'Buccos' or come from a place that sounds like 'lick an ear' Pennsylvania. Say howdy to Lee, Bob, Burnsie, Buster, Steve, Al (maybe) and ask them if Laurel will open next year. The gang from Laurel Mountain, Western PA. will be there this coming week 3/24. Bob Barnes, give Lee my Academy attendace report. He's our PSIA-E rep. [img]tongue.gif[/img] . On second thought just mail them to me.

Dancing bears, singing minds. -Oboe revised
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Have a blast! You are going to love Jay!
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Dancing Bears? Well, my skiing may well give that impression . . .

Planned to try the Monster 70's today with the bindings moved to the forward position. Regrettably, we have fog, and having gone that route before and knowing I HATE skiing in fog, we'll sit tight until it lifts. Tomorrow will show winter temps on the mountain with some chance of rain or snow showers - but no fog.

My trip to Jay Wednesday, March 19th, after waxing for sticky snow, we skied on crushed ice when we were lucky and porcelain when we weren't. Still a decent day, but jeesh! Not my idea of spring skiing. This coming Wednesday we can expect some drizzle . . . not sure which I prefer least. My final day at Jay last season, skiing with Hugo, was corn snow and abundant sunshine, and I'm hoping for a repeat of that sooner or later. Whatever, Crazie, I'll do my best to meet up with you guys on Wednesday and make at least a few runs and quaff a few beers[using the Euro-quaff as demonstrated by Fox Hat during Lismarie's post-ski stretching routine in Utah . . . think we'll attract some attention? ]

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Have a blast, Rob! Give oboe a run for his money, and take him in all the bumps! Above all, have FUN....and swing by and pick me up on your way out. :
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Oboe.....you guys should have been down here in the "Banana Belt". Corn on top with mashed potatoes on the bottom (Shepherd's Pie conditions?)...Maybe not ideal Spring conditions, but better than the stuff you describe.
We're all hoping for one more good storm before the curtain comes down......
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I'm beyond envy !!!! : .
But my time will come soon!!

Only about 80 days to my ski season! :

By the way : Carve a few turns at Jay for me. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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