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Short Term Move to SLC?

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My wife and I are seriously considering moving out to SLC in late November (details below). I'm interested to hear from any others that made a similar decision and also am looking for furnished housing options.

About us:
-I'm a management consultant that travels M-Th essentially every week...all I need is an airport
-My wife is finishing up an online MPH degree and needs to do an internship in spring 2015 (very flexible location)
-We currently live in North Carolina but use my frequent flyer miles to fly out west a ton (last year we bought Alta season passes and the RMSP+ and skied ~35 days)
-I'm applying to MBA programs right now so we'll have to move somewhere else in June 2015 no matter what

Our plan
-Store almost everything we own in my parent's attic
-Pack up our car with our ski stuff, bikes, clothes, the dog, and a few basics and drive out to SLC (Thanksgiving week maybe?)
-move into a furnished apartment
-I continue to work and my wife does her internship
-ski almost every weekend (and most Friday's)
-Move someplace else in July for my MBA

Where should I look for furnished housing in SLC with a 6 month lease?
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I also wanted to go out and live in the Park City area or SLC for a few months this winter.  I found it really hard to find lodging especially during any period that included the week of Sundance in January.  Apparently it's so huge that people charge 3-5 times the normal nightly rate. 

I decided to get a place in Colorado instead.  If you find a good way to find options in SLC or Park City, let me know.  I'd still like to go out there for a bit and ski but need a place to stay.

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Do it.




1. classifieds 

2. craigslist


I have lived there two seasons. I roll into town and find a suitable place in a week. Be aware of some listings that have "high standards" due to Mormon rules.  Legit to shady deals ratio seems to be about 1:1 in my experiences. Then again, I am usually scraping the bottom of the barrel renting $300-400 rooms. 

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Maybe VRBO or AirBNB..

I second KSL and SLC Craigslist..

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