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Where I work, that gets into an even more gray area because the mountains lawyers are now dictating certain things that can't be said, done or worn. With scuba (back in the 90s) the marina didn't get involved outside of collecting money, signing up students and providing the rental gear, and training pool. They didn't get involved in how the class was conducted or what was covered.

What can't be said?

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What can't be said?


You have me trying to remember a year back, but there was the typical things about not discussing anything about someone that was injured even if they were in your group and not even to the person injured.  Nothing on bindings.  I remember some of it caused a bit of commotion but since I wasn't teaching lessons but coaching, I didn't pay that close of attention to it.

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A 100% agree, I do like my pro deals however, so I feel we get a decent gig that way. 

You do realize this is the most silly "benefit" from PSIA? You can actually get pro deals from most any company, that sells skis or outdoor gear, just by contacting them. Normally they will give you the email to someone who deals with pros and you have to send them a scanned membership card, or you supervisors number, basically they just need you to be able to prove that you are currently a professional in the industry regardless of current psia membership. It is actually really easy though some companies do make it a little difficult if you are not a psia member but it is certainly doable. The only type of discount I would imagine you wouldn't be able to find without PSIA are things like the Subaru but I always thought that was pretty silly anyways.  

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