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Waiting for Winter

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I originally posted this in the mountain biking thread, but @Finndog suggested I should post it in general skiing as well, so here it is.


Basically I wanted to convey how riding single track captures many of the same sensations as skiing and why it's such a great way to spend the off season.


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Man, that was great!


Got back on the bike a few years ago and it's been a game changer for me. 40 pounds lighter, ditched my on again/off again smoking habit with a vape and now I look at sketchy terrain while skiing in a whole new way. The two compliment each other so well.

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Originally Posted by snoseek View Post

The two compliment each other so well.

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This video captures the exact feeling that riding flowy trails in the trees bring. Its like methadone to a junkie; a fix until we get the real thing.  Thumbs Up  Brilliant job.  I love how you start with waxing the boards.  

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That was awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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I love the fades from between the trees on the bike > TO > between the trees on the skis. Well done!


Is it winter yet?

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