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Well we all know the man, the myth, the legend, Wear The Fox Hat. Many of us met the Irish gentleman at the Gathering/Academy. Some of you don't know that he stayed with me during these few weeks. He is a great guy, and I was glad that I did. We all know that he loves his Irish beer, what is it? I dunno.

But whats this? I caught him in the act!


But wait, it gets better, what you cannot see is that he is drinking a cheap American beer that most of us left behind in college!

Miller High Life Light! (on special)
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Does anyone have a picture of the Fox when he's not drinking?
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Isn't THAT the silver bullet that was intended for Saddam?
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In my defence...
I only drank what they gave me.

But Alta, Fredo and Corbet were great hosts. One of them used to wake me each morning by running down the stairs and licking my face. I'm too much of a gentleman to say which one.

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I wonder what Corbet was licking Before He liked your face
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Oh, so it was Corbet.
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I just hope he wasn't drinking american beer on Saint Patrick day!!
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Originally posted by Utah49:
I wonder what Corbet was licking Before He liked your face
Hmmm...a face that only a dog could like. It's okay, Zorro, you're still a swell guy.
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