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Technica Mach1 110, 120 or 130

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130 would likely be more boot then i need and i'd think the 120 would be fine for me at 140lbs. How much will i give up going to the 110? Are there any differences between the three other then stiffness rating and $100 jump per model? Online search of Technica's site indicates same liner in all, hardware looks the same too.

I'm on a Salomon X-max 120. It's stiffness is fine for me, the fit is pretty good too, feet get cold easily. Picking at straws here but curious to try on a pair of Mach1's to see if the fit is as suited to my foot shape as the X-max but even more precise for increased performance. I need a low volume instep with anatomical toe box and narrow heel. So far the X-max has come closes to meeting those needs.

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At 140 lbs, the 110 is probably good.  How hard do you charge??

Salomon X Max is lower in the instep then the Mach.  But lower instep means more pressure on the Dorsal Pedalis artery and colder feet.  The liner on the Mach is spectacular.  It cradles the heel in a fine way.

Oh-there is no "h" in Tecnica.



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Thanks, i'm sure i don't charge anywhere as hard as i might think i do.

The low instep could be contributing to the cold feet as you said.

A low instep boot was recommended to me by a skilled boot fitter who has a foot shape similar to mine. It does lock my foot in place. I'm sure that the liner is on the thin side doesn't help with the warmth situation. I find myself needing to place a adhesive backed chemical heat pack on the tops of my toes, more often then not.

To help put this in perspective, i was on Nordica Speedmachine 110's before the X-max 120's. The Speedmachine's were "a little" warmer but the instep had to much volume, my foot moved around more then it should. Boot fitter fixes lasted about two outings before the fit once again became sloppy. If the Mach1 has as high a instep as the Nordica it's probably not going to be for me. However i read Tecnica lowered the instep volume, how much so and from what to what i don't know. I could not fit the last (toe shape) of any prior model Tecnica (have yet to try the Mach1's). The Nordica Speedmachine 110 was the best my toes could fit at the time only surpassed in that aspect by the X-max. Should add i couldn't fit a Solomon prior to the X-max line and the X-Pro line is to wide all around along with to much volume over my instep.

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If your feet are prone to be cold, more instep height helps dramatically.  Contain the heel with broad padding (not L pads) on the sides of the heel, and most importantly, a well made footbed.


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Thx Bob.


With the Nordica Speedmachine we did a custom cork SuperFeet foot bed and what i can best describe as a butterfly wrap around the heel of the liner with two wings extending above and below the ankle bone. There were times when my feet froze in them too.


The SuperFeet footbed doesn't work in the Solomon X-max, it raises my foot to high all around for that boot. I now use it in my cross country ski boots.


I probably should add that my hands also freeze easily and i always have to bring liner gloves and another pair of warm mittens to switch to as needed. My nose also freezes when not wearing a mask. I'm thinking part of it could be me being middle aged, idk, what you said seems as though it may very possibly be the cause.

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It is all good if the mileage exceeds the age!!

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Ok so i got to try on a Tecnica Cochise 110 today, at 100mm last i'm going to assume the same last and lower clog shape in the toe/metatarsals/forefoot as the Mach1 110, i'd guess Mach1 has better heel pocket, idk?

Anyway the toe shape puts pressure on my pinky toes, something that i don't have a problem with in my X-max 120. I know i could have them punched but haven't had the best experience with that. I'm going to stick with the Salomon X-max for now and not pursue the Tecnica line any further. May revisit the Mach 1's during spring leftover sales, or not. Guess i'll stock up on toe warmer chemical packs, lol.

Thanks for the help and optimistic outlook on age;) 

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