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Good Luck KeeTov

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Break a leg, Kee Tov.
Best wishes!
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Our thoughts are with you!
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Get repaired, Kee Tov, get well, and come back for more turns next season!

Best regards from oboe and Mrs. oboe.
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Good Luck KeeTov

KeeTov goes to hospital today - so just a thread to wish him all the best from epic...

[img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img] to watch over you KeeTov
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Well he is back home...
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To Your fast recovery!

Take care KeeTov!
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Thanks for your warm and caring thoughts. Yes I am home after a quick outpatient umbilical hernia. Blows the rest of the season...

My wife claims it was a tummy tuck...I kept asking for some jewelry...but the only thing I got to show for it is no more skiing

Enjoy Spring skiing for me!!!!
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At least you have great cookies and baked goods coming your way

Or maybe that's a bad thing since you can't ski. hmmm. better send those cookies out west!
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