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Thank you all for allowing me to make this post and humbly ask that you vote for my friend's video Powder Mecca now up in the final round of the Warren Miller Hometown Hills competition. 


Unlike the other video it is up against, Powder Mecca was shot by one guy, with NO budget on his own time in the hopes that he would produce something great. To me, he did just that! His video is great and it encompasses what many of us enjoy about skiing, POWDER, NATURE and BEING REAL. 


The link to the competition can be found here and sadly yes, its a FACEBOOK app so, it will request information about you, your friends, their friends and your past lives.  Sorry about that. If you have already voted on another previous competition, then you are GOLDEN to vote again as the app is already installed. The link to the video can be found below and if you can vote for his video, we would be greatly appreciative!



I just so happened to be in Joey's hometown literally yesterday and I was lucky to meet with him and his wonderful family. Joey is the real deal and I can only imagine what he can do if he wins this competition.  Please help.


That is me with Joey and his little girl - from 9/16/14.





Thank you all and like you, looking forward to ski season in North America!