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Idle Curiosity

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Maybe DCHAN or AC can shed some light here.

I've often wondered in what order the screen names appear on the main page.

Sometimes when I log in for the first time of the day and I'm near the end of the list, sometimes not and sometimes nearly the front of the list.

Other times I log in and forget for a few hours, check back and I could be anywhere. Doesn't appear to be alphabetical, nor time related.

Today, I thought i had it figured out, I was 4th, with Gonzo and one other leading the pack. Both with really low member numbers, but alas, the member right in front of me was member 3600something, much higher than I. So I guess member number order is not it either.

What is the order?
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yeah, that's been keeping me awake, too. what gives?
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Oh Loo-sey, yu hav sum splaining to du


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There's a little troll who lives in the server and has an ordered list of his favorite members, which changes all the time based on recent posts and or his mood, and he just lines the names up based on his preferences at the moment. Either that or the system processes the names based on some hierarchy like longest on the list (longest online) or user numbers or something like that. In other words, I dunno. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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skier j, you are not alone in this query... i too have been pondering this supposed order for some time now! i am not sure if i am proud of that or frightened. i think i may be spending too much time on the net... :

is it snowing yet???
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