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Avatech SP1

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Not sure if here or BC the place for this, so move as necessary.


All you gear geeks and engineers and snow specialists. Powder Addiction featured this new product recently. Is it a gimmick or do you think it will revolutionize Avy awareness and safety through a combination of more and easier to collect data and crowd sourcing information?


Avatech SP1


PS: if anyone can fix the typo in the title, I'd be grateful :o 


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Mom, I missed your initial post, but saw it in an OpenSnow email/article today...


Pretty interesting tech, but at $1,499 (and that's with a $750 discount till 10/06) it's a tad pricey.


Individuals carrying these around is one way to go, and appropriate for certain situations, but perhaps something similar could be permanently embedded on commonly used slopes to give continuous feedback during the snow season. Yes, there would be questions about exactly where to place, could depth be adjusted remotely/programmatically to accommodate changing snow levels, could the device survive natural and triggered avalanches, etc, but those are perhaps solvable engineering challenges.


At some point.   ;-)

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Looks like a game changer for sure. Digging a snow pit? How quaint! Note the price will be $2249 by the time non-pros (recreationists) can get one of these. Also note the $499/year subscription for web access that could be useful on its own without the tool, but will probably be a must for anyone getting the tool (e.g. software updates).


I doubt anyone would want to leave one of these permanently in one place for 2 reasons:

1) If you are going to spend that much money on a tool, you are going to want to use it in multiple locations.

2) If it stays in one place too long it could "grow legs".

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