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Valgus knee misalignment correction exercises needed

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Hi Folks


I am knock kneed with bowed tibias. My footbed has a varus wedge in the forefoot on both feet. I have a 1 degree cant on the inside of left foot, and a 2 1/2 degree cant on the right foot.


My tibias rotate inward, and my right hip is usually forward, with a rotation of the hip outward. Obviously, my knee does not track directly down between my big toe and second toe, but tracks inside of the big toe.when walking steep up hill inclines, or skiing,  I feel some discomfort on the gluetus medius, and a small area in the back, just above the back  illiac crest toward the gluteus medius.  This is right side only. The left side is not so bad, but still has slight rotational issues.


I have been doing leg lift exercises while lying on my side and clam shell exercises with the right hip - this seems to help some to strengthen the glutues medius. I am afraid to do full one legged squats for fear of putting too much weight bearing pressure on the knee. I have been trying to keep the knee tracking straight when I do slight one legged  knee bends, less than 45 degrees, while holding onto a wall.


In the gym, I can do do one legged sitting leg lifts of 50 lbs, 20 reps, with leg exercise machine.


I do not think I have any dorsoflexion issues, as I can bend my knee forward, and keep my foot flat while moving my knee forward well -past all the toes so I can not see them. However,  It is hard keeping my knee from rotating inward, without holding onto the wall.  Also I feel stiff around the outside joint interface between the tibia and ankle(little toe side) - I feel I need to stretch the outside tendons surrounding the outside ankle more, perhaps toward the heel area. as well. .


Anyway, at one point, this tibial rotation, caused the ankle bones to rotate with the tibia inside the boot   around the ankles causing pressure points on the ankle bone( actually end of tibia) protrusions. This effect has been lessening, but it is still there but not as bad. The fischer vacum boot has helped here.


Any recommendations on strengthening the glutes, besides those mentioned above. Also any exercises to strengthen the outside ankle joints near the back heel. I know runners have similar issues with gait.


Any help here would be appreciated.



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talk to your local Physio

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the clam shell exercises you are doing are great for piriformis and glute med, you could try an extension of it www.solutions4feet.com/cp7.php (the exercise called PGM)


if you are doing squats make sure you are dropping down rather than forward (do not take the knee past the toes) so you do not over load the knee


working with your local physio and or sports therapist will give you the best results as they can tailor the exercises to suit the muscle firing patterns of your body, also worth getting some deep tissue massage or dry needling in that area if it is tied up tight  as for the base of the IT band on the lateral side of the knee...get a good foam roller and use it (lots)

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Amazing description.  I hesitate to recommend exercises because without a complete assessment it is not possible to know which of your issues are structural and which may simply be soft tissue (strength, tightness) and I really think you should find a good physio to work with.  Or if you have tell us what they have said about soft tissue diagnosis.


However, there is an excellent book on strength training you may like called Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe.  It is very academic in its approach and well describes proper mechanics and movement patterns to gain strength.  You should be able to easily find it at a local book store.



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Thanks Lou and CEM


I went to see a sports medicine doc today - he is one of the  phillies sports docs. . X -rays were taken of knee and ankles. I brought in my ski boots, and footbeds. He checked my knee for stability, and ankle for flexibility, he also checked toes. He did not mention any other deformities other than those I mentioned in my previous thread. Sports med doc said that normally he would recommend working from the bottom up(foot), but he said in my case, that he would recommend strengthening the core from  the top down.


The book he recommended was Core Performance essentials - The Revolutionary Nutrition and Exercise Plan Adapted for everyday use. by Mark Vesrtegen. the book summary says -There are dozens of workouts designed to improve flexibility,, joint stability, and balance - and to create a lean agile powerful physique that's resistant to injury and the ravages of age. This description is exactly where I want to go and yeah, I wanted to find out if  I had knee damage or deformities The x-rays showed plenty of meniscus in the knee joints. It was a one and done appointment


Thanks for the website CEM - these are great exercises. and thanks Lou for the recommendation on the book Starting Strength by Rippetoe


I realize that bootfitting and strength training are partners when it comes to alignment and I need to do my part here in strength department. I have not been doing my exercises long but I can see an improvement in knee tracking.  Thanks CEM for the hint on the squats.



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That is great.  Thanks for keeping us updated and good luck.



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