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Daughter who "gets it" - What skis to get?! [Sugarbush, VT]

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Hey all,

Would love any recommendations you can on what ski to get my daugther. She is going to be 9, just shy of 70 pounds, and relatively strong for her age. She can hold her own on just about any terrain on the east with just about any skier. We always ski Sugarbush and her faves are the steeps (and deep when we have it). She loves to freeride and tears through bumps. As a calibration, she finished in the top half of the Ski the East Free Ride tour at Sugarbush (adult not kids, took 1st in kids).

My problem is, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SKI TO PUT HER ON!!! All kids ski reviews I have seen are about useless. Any recommendations?! Looking for a 130ish ski that she can ski front side until the woods open up with snow, but can handle well in crud and pow. And something that isn't crazy stiff. She's 70 pounds only. Shop near me recommended Atmoic Century Girl or Volkl Pyra Jr. No clue if these are good or just what they had!

This is the first pair of REAL junior skis we've had to get and not sure which way to go....
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Your frontside options are limited...I would suggest the combi i.race options from Rossi/Dynastar and Head. These are great skis that will help her progress technically without being as demanding as a full bore race ski. Off piste options are almost as limiting without going too wide, I would suggest not going above the low 90mm underfoot for her. 

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I'm in the same situation. I've got a DD who rips, also just turned 9 but is probably taller and heavier than yours. She's about 85 lbs. We're also out west, so the snow is a bit different out here. But we had her last year on the K2 Juvys, which were great. Tip and tail rocker with traditional camber underneath, available in a variety of lengths, and can do park (our DD is not too interested in this), but also are solid all mountain skis. They were good on the groomers, but wide enough to provide her with good float. The tip and tail rocker was also good for easy turn initiation. They aren't too stiff either. She also started doing her first mogul runs on them, and they seemed to work well. This year, we're putting her not he Volkl Gotama Jrs in 138. They are a full rocker, not too wide - 86 mm underfoot. I've heard from many people that they are great to turn, easy to ski and can take kids all over the mountain. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about this junior ski. But I do think it is slightly stiffer than the K2s. The Pyra Jrs are very similar in construction to the Gotama Jrs, but they have a narrower waist (74 mm) and a slightly shorter turn radius - though both are 12-13. The Pyras are also full rocker. Considering how advanced your daughter is, I would think that the Girls' Century skis might be a little too soft for her. I think they might be more suited to a progressing skiers. I would be more inclined to go with the K2s, or either of the Volkls. I'm sure she will have a  great and fun season regardless of the skis!

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I'm in a similar situation, though we're in the northeast, ski mostly in VT, NH, & ME.  My daughter really enjoys the trees around here.  She can handle most groomed trails, and is able to make nice controlled turns.  She's been on the Rossi Experience Jr. line the last couple of years, and liked them (dimensions 108-67-94, which seem pretty typical for kids skis).  I was thinking something a little wider this time, but not too wide, let's say no wider underfoot than 80mm.  Local shop guy suggested the Line Superhero.  Does anyone have any experience with these, or thoughts/opinions?

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