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New Boots - on the hunt again..

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Long story short - new boots (RX130's) last year did not have a happy ending, with a combination of a new fitter (highly recommended) - poor followup service etc.. I now have my money back and on the hunt again this season.


At the end of last season I went to another fitter (another suggested fitter) and spent a number of good days in a set of Fisher 130 Vacuum Demo's - he (2nd fitter) suggested these and (as well as he said that RX130's are a good choice for me as well) to see if I can feel a difference in the way they ski compared to the Lange's. One of the other boots suggested was the Kyrpton. I have a high arch/instep (this is always the problem area) combined with a narrow heel. The suggestion being that with the 3 piece shell and the wrap liner would be a candidate as well.


As the 14/15 season is starting soon I contacted the 2nd shop (the shop that put me in the Fishers) and have been told that the fitter has left (and now works outside the industry) and also they no longer carry Fisher nor Delbello. So new guy fitter (replacement fitter at the 2nd shop) has started suggesting the Atomic Red or Salomon (no specific model suggested) and suggests I come back once more of their stock arrives (end September) so once again I'm feeling that I'm being put into a boot that they have instead of what is best.

To add to the story, asking around here there are 3 names that come up as far as fitters are considered. Well one has left the business, one I haven't tried and the 3rd is the one that was a disaster for me last year (as mentioned at the top of the post).


So why am I posting (once again)?


I'm posting a few shots of my feet and asking if in general terms if my foot shape (100mm across at widest point, size 9 1/2 - 10 shoe) is a Salomon/Atomic candidate? I'm just trying to educate myself and see if I need to find yet another shop that carries other options.


Thank you


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we will need a whole lot more info and better pictures to be able to help you, the first shot looks like you are in a hall of mirrors


foot size in mondopoint (cm length) which is how all ski boot (barring a couple) are measured

body weight

skiing experience

how much skiing you do each season


details of the problems with the first boots would be a help, and possibly a location so we could point you towards someone in your area or close by (pm me if you don't want to publicise it)  if we know the problems then we can start to build a picture, (i know you say the instep is always an issue but what is the issue with it? too tight?, too loose? pressure on one point?


sometimes it is not the boot that causes the problems but the biomechanics of the skier, a limited ankle flexion, a nerve neuroma, poor circulation or some other subtle difference from the norm (whatever the norm really is)


it may be the shell you were in was fine and just needed a little work, or possibly a different liner

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Thanks Colin,

I'll do my best to answer and if you need some more info just ask..


foot size in mondopoint - left 273 (big toe)/right 273 (second toe) if I wrap over the instep (and around the heel) - the measurement is 350mm

Ankle flexion is ok (checked by new guy fitter at shop one when I was put into the Fishers)

body weight - 190 lbs

skiing experience - been skiing for 30 years (off and on) with the last 15 year more seriously, been teaching part time off and on (CSIA since 1994)

how much skiing you do each season - 30 to 40 days - sometime more if lucky

Ski - Ontario Canada, western Canada (trips typically a week every year)

What I ski - mostly everything - bumps are my kryptonite (mainly because of concern for long term back issues)

How I ski - more a technical skier than power

What I ski on - Sultan 85’s & Dynastar Speed Corse Ti

Age 57

Height 6’-2”



I have custom footbeds & heaters and used in all boots listed below.


Previous boots:

Shop 1 - Lange FR120 - 27 (I think) - cold toes, instep pressure when buckles 3&4 done up - buckles 1&2 loose or off

Shop 1 - Tecnica Dragons - 27.5 (obviously to big) - cold toes, instep pressure when buckles 3&4 done up - buckles 1&2 loose or off, as liners packed out movement


and last season2013/2014

Shop 2 - Lange RX-130 LV - 26.5 with World Cup liners (as suggested by fitter) Cold toes, instep pressure when 3&4 done up - boots were returned after about 35 days and 3 trips back for adjustments.

Shop 1 - Fisher 130 Vacuum Demo - 26.5 - skied this for about 2 weeks last spring - better over the instep - but needed some toe box work in my estimation, but since I didn’t own them no work was done. Hard to tell how they’d be when the cold temps come in.


Notice a trend …. no one has addressed the fact that as buckle 3 is done up it applies pressure to the veins on top of my foot creating cold toes - even though I bring this comment up and even supply photos of pressure points when talking to the fitter(s).













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Hi Steve,

I see a lot of V shape in the forefoot with a high instep, thin heel and skinny lower legs.  The higher volume cuff in the RX130 probably led to some issues, the heel area is not so thin in the Lange, and the instep is moderate.  Fishers will not open up enough for your forefoot or your instep.  

Find a pair of the new Tecnica Mach 1 to try.  The Atomic Hawx will also accommodate your forefoot, instep, and can be adjusted to contain your thin leg.


Bob Gleason

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BootDr1, thanks for the reply..


Are the 2104 Hawx the same as the 2015 Hawx? 

Is the Mach 1 similar or the same as the Cochise.. I see that the Mach1 is a 100mm last and that the Cochise is a 98.

Would you even consider trying the Dalbello Krypton? (was suggested by shop that put me in the Fisher demo's)



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Hi Steve
The Hawx is new this year with a mold able shell. Unlike the Fischer, it has a V shape (heel taper with forefoot spread) with a roomy toe box. The Mach 1 is a new boot with a much more refined shape than the Cochise. The heel wrap is much more precise in the Mach.
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I agree with Bob's assessment of your foot shape and can recommend of few other boots that may work.  First though I'll say cold feet unfortunately aren't always a fit issue.  For certain they can be and most often in people with boot's of too high volume so over tightening is necessary.  Your instep appears fairly high but with a low volume heel/ankle/tibia area so it is conceivable that excess tightening of that instep buckle to help hold your heel in place could contribute to poor circulation.


We tried a boot last year and will start selling it this year from Scott.  The G2 G3 series is fairly high in the instep with narrow heel and may work for you.  May be difficult to find, but if you can give it a try.



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Lou is right about the Scott.  We will have some here in Telluride.


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Hi Lou
I am very diligent about the 1&2 buckles. I found thorough observation that by tightening buckle 3 this would apply pressure on the instep.

I looked at the Scott web site and see the G1 & G2 but not a G3. Is the G1 & G2 the same fit style - would both of these be a consideration? Seeing the G1 is a 130 and the G2 is 110 flex..

So 3 boots to try on, Hawz, Scott & Mach1.... I'll call around and see who may carry Tecnica and Scott locally. Any others I should look for?
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It is the G2 130 we are carrying.


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My suggestion would be to try on the Dalbello Krypton 2 as a comparison. I think the 3 buckle system would work great for your foot shape (instep) as well as being easier to enter. It also has a tall thin cuff which is a good match to your thin leg.  Instep pressure typically requires some custom fitting to achieve true comfort and circulation. 

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Thanks for the suggestion... I had thought of the Krypton but not one of the fitters in my area except one had even mentioned Dalbello as a possibility and I had to bring them into the discussion.


As an update to you who have been so kind in your help and suggestions.


This has been a frustrating process and one that has given me a different insight to ski shops & fitters in my area and the industry in general. I've skied for more that 30 years so I'm not new to this sport. My knowledge has changed - or I'd like to think it has, I look back at a series of poor fitting, or adapting fits using the best of what is available at the time. I had considered saying I've had enough and just sell my gear and take up something else but my wife would always say - " she can't envision me not being on snow". I'm tempted to stand on a soapbox and write a open letter to the industry in general and to shops specifically. If I did it would probably be perceived as frustration instead of an attempt to point out that the move to "accept what we have" and how to reduce a boot fitting from "what"s required" to "how can we do this in 45 minutes". Perhaps this is the business model that ski companies and shop owners feel is required to maintain a profit, maybe so, but in the end this will do nothing but leave a poor customer experience and maybe have the customer spend their money on another activity.



I will be starting the season in a pair of Tecnica Mach1 120's (26.5's) not perfect but the best of the bunch that are available to me. All that has been done so far is to heat and mould the liners & move a couple of buckles. Some additional tuning will be required and I'll get some on snow time (early December I hope) first to see what shows up. Instep pressure is much improved compared to the past but will still need some work.


Best wishes



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