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Stockli Laser SC

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Looking for feedback from anyone racing on this ski. I picked up a pair today, planning to use them for the local Ski Challenge/Nastar league. I bought the 178's. I'm 5'9", 170 pounds and ski in the 10-15 handicap range. My "old" ski is a 01/02 Volkl P50 F1 in 178.

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Don't lean back on them! Find the centre. The sweet spot is tiny, but it's very nice. They like to be worked from the middle, not rocking back and forth. They also respond to a lighter touch; you don't need to over-muscle them. Enjoy those edges!
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At you weight, the 168 would have been a better choice.
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I spoke to the two local shops that carry Stockli; one said it'll work great and the other suggested the shorter length may be better. What are the drawbacks I would expect with the 178 over the 168? Major? Minor?
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Most NASTAR courses are tighter than real GS unless you have wide open slopes.

Your physical conditioning and the ability to really bend and work the ski.

My progression with P-40 Volkls went from 193 to 188 but the minute I went onto the Stockli SC in a 168 my times went down.

The old SC even had a better sidecut (IMO), than the new version and I almost wish I got the next size down. My experience is based on the 01/02 versus the 03/04 versions that I have owned.

General "rule of thumb" according to the Stockli folks is to run a bit shorter.
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I get my first crack at them this coming weekend while my son is racing. I'll pass along my impressions.

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