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Damaged Ski's

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The sidewall is pulling away from the base of my X-Screams, I used them for the first time this past Sunday at Killington 11/18/01.

I have had this happen before to me after purchasing a pair of Blizzards a couple of years ago, I sent them back to the factory and they sent out new ski's. However I purchased the X-Screams used, since they are still less than a year old, should I goto a shop to have them send them in to Salomon, or just send them in myself for a possible warranty replacement??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :

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you need to take them to the shop. I don't think Salomon takes warr returns directly from the general public. The bindings will need to be removed before returning to the factory so your shop will probably have to do this too. Depending on the shop and your relationship with them some may charge you for the shipping and re-mounting. Some will not.
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By the way, Skialta,
Welcome to Epicski!

I see you are in Boston, I'll be out your way in December. My wife's family is in Newton. Is it getting cold yet?
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Thanks for the advice, there are a couple of shops in the city here that I am going to check out, it hasen't been too cold yet in the city, but all of the resorts up North are blowing snow, Killington had a couple of really nice runs open for so early in the season. I see your in San Fran, I may try and make it out to Tahoe this year, keeping my fingers crossed for that!!!
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Good luck getting your skis fixed. If you are not the original purchaser of the skis the warranty might be void. A shop would probably have better luck getting them replaced than you would.

I always point out to people buying used gear, pro-deal skis through friends and skis at swaps that they are not getting a warranty and they should factor that into the price they will pay.

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Take your skis to Bob Smith's Wilderness House on Comm Ave. I took in a pair of Salomon's this past summer for a warranty claim, and the shop took care of everything for me at no charge. Just droped 'em off, and picked them up when the new boards were mounted and ready to go. Really easy.

Although I have heard people bad-mouth Bob Smith's, the folks there have been VERY helpful to me.

Good luck.
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Where on Comm Ave is that? Down near Kenmore, or up here near the Brighton Ave split? I'm off the Allston St stop, on Long Avenue 8^)
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Hey Fred thanks for the tip, I will stop there this afternoon and give it a shot.

CP, Bob Smith's is right on Comm Ave., across the street from Eastern Mountain Sports(EMS), down near the Brighton Ave. split, I believe.
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We had a long thread about this a few months ago but....

Gordon Hay works at Bob Smith's these days. He used to be the best bootfitter at Killington and he's clearly the best boot guy in metro-Boston. I can't vouch for the shop but I wouldn't hesitate to get boot work done there.
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skialta, not to be a downer but I recently had a warranty done with a pair of Solomans and the factory is very strict on seeing a receipt for the ski's. My friend runs a shop and he was skeptical on what they would do without one even coming from him. Good luck.
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Thanks. I'll check it out in the next week.
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