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I'm Celebrating!

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Well, I got a total replacement of both knees on May 21.  Surgery wasn't much fun and the first couple weeks afterwards were pretty much torture (even more so for my wife!).  


Rehab has been painful, tough, but rewarding.  I seem to be back to 'almost' full range of motion with both knees and there's not much pain anymore, except after big rehab days or hiking, biking, etc.


Today was my first day back on skis and I'm stoked.  It was only a remnant snowfield at the bottom of Four Shadows Couloir in Cody Bowl, but the snow was great, the weather was beautiful, and my knees felt fantastic.  I was in serious withdrawal as until this May, I hadn't gone without skiing for more than a month in nearly 17 years.


It felt SOOOOOOOOO good to be back sliding around on snow...












The wonders of modern medicine.

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As Dr. Rosenberg would say "You strike me as a charger".

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Very nice!  Congrats!!!!!

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Congrats. Sad to lose your continuous months streak but good to be back on the snow.. Hope to see you at the spring gathering.
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I met a new ski buddy on the chair on an April 1st powder day last season. He is 60 and had a double knee replacement the previous July.   Doc said he couldn't ski for six months, but January was mostly hard snow so he was aching a little, but by April he was ripping it up.  We became friends and I made a lot of good turns with him.  I'm sure you'll be doing the same this coming season.  MF

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Fantastic to hear Bob and look forward to sharing your home mountain with you again this seasonThumbs Up

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Welcome back. I knew the sun was shining a bit brighter. 

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Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment.
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Nice!  Who'd you talk into going up with you and taking the pictures?

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& the "new" streak begins!
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Way to go! Feeling a bit inspired. Getting my hip resurfaced in November in India. Hope to be back on skis when the new season starts next June.

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What took you so long? :beercheer:

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Great news!


I had assumed that your streak ended with your foot surgery a few years ago. Can't imagine getting into a ski boot following that.. Modern medicine works some miracles. Uncle Louie must be smiling to have his favorite Jackson guide back for this years Gathering.

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Great news bob! Welcome back!
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Way to get after it! Congrats on your successful rehab. 

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You will likely have a fantastic ski season this time around...congrats Bob, glad you are doing well.

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This made me extraordinarily happy.

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I wasn't going to post since I don't have anything new to say, but why not? Congrats!
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Thanks for such nice thoughts, everyone.


I can't express how excited I am to have skied yesterday.  When you go in for what really is a fairly major surgery, you never know what could happen.  While I knew intellectually that my knees were shot and I needed the surgery, I wasn't totally sure that everything would turn out okay.  Even when my rehab was going well and things felt good, I wondered what would happen when I put on a pair of skis and tried to make a turn.  


While this snowfield isn't what one would call super challenging - it tops out at 30 degrees this time of year - I just didn't know what would happen when I called on these chunks of metal and plastic that I now call "knees" to actually make a ski turn.  There's a lot that can go wrong in any sort of surgery like this, so knowing that I could still turn a pair of skis was huge.


I can honestly say that the knees seemed to work fine.  I was a little behind each turn but I'm hoping I can smooth that out with a few more miles.  


Overall, I was thrilled to be back on snow and sliding skis around.  It was just very cool. 


Here's a longer shot of Cody Peak (on the upper left) and Cody Bowl.  My turns were on the lower righthand snowfield outlined by the two orange ovals.  


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Originally Posted by jimintokyo View Post

What took you so long? :beercheer:



It was actually bad intel.


Some friends had told me that all the snow was melted out of Cody Bowl.  If I'd gone up there to check for myself, I'd have known that there was enough snow and I could have gone on August 21, which would have been my 3-month anniversary post-surgery.  I feel like I definitely could have skied then.


Nevertheless, it was probably good to give the new knees another month.  Maybe my friends were trying to guarantee that I didn't push things.  


Still, I sort of wish I had gone in August.  :cool

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Originally Posted by jimintokyo View Post

What took you so long? :beercheer:

It took him 3 months to hike in with the walker. 

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I want to celebrate too! Great to see your pics back on skis. I had tkr left in August 2013 and recovery has been great. My doc says I can ski again. Can you tell me if you wore knee braces and if so, which ones? Many thanks!
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Glad you're back sliding, again, Bob. This is great news!!
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I'm guessing Bob has been hiking for awhile.  The snowpatch above Christmas Lake near Beartooth Pass is a much shorter walk than Cody Bowl.  Bob told us to check it out when we were in the area in June 2013.   We skied nearby Gardiner Headwall, which is longer and steeper but probably doesn't have snow in August/September. 

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