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Phoenix to Telluride?

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Just wondering if anyone has info on this drive? Im meeting my buddy in Phoenix and then we are driving to Telluride. I think the map showed the 160 fwy from Flagstaff. We will be taking his 4x4 but may be some night driving and we will be powder chasing so somewhere around a storm. Pretty dicey?


Also what would you say is the best "hike to" terrain there? I have heard there is a lot of it but wondering which areas are worth it in terms of minutes hiked/quality vertical. Not looking for fall and die type stuff, more like Kachina type stuff. Thanks very much

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Yea, from flagstaff...160 to Cortez, 145 to Telluride. Easy drive. I usually leave Phoenix at midnight and get there at about 8am. 


I have seen blowing snow in during winter storms in the NE AZ reservation portion (160 to Cortez). 145 Cortez to Telluride always seems driveable, as CO has good road clearing. I been through there during a storms and the road was passable. Somebody that lives in the area should have better info.


As far as it all. This sums it up...


Black Iron Bowl is quick access...Dihedral face, D-chute, and PeeWees are some of my favorites. Palymra is a long booter, but worth it if they are still working that terrain. Gold chutes...ect..

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Spooky's right--Colorado's good about clearing the roads, and you're more likely to run into tricky driving/delays around Flagstaff (snow) or on the reservation (wind). If you're particularly nervous about the weather forecast or if they're reporting delays on the 160, you can just take I-40 to Gallup, then US 491 north to Cortez: it's much less scenic, burns more gas, and takes a few minutes longer (assuming no delays either way), but it's a bit easier.

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Thanks for the info. Any suggestions on where to stay first night on the way up there for acclimatization? Thanks again

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You can stay in Cortez. It's more than half way and 6100 ft. elevation. About anywhere from Flagstaff on is pretty high elevation.

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