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Thank You America

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Today is my last day in SS USA. Many reasons behind my decision to return home. After skiing with Skidmo and a few other clients I was gently reminded that I miss my two boys too much to be away from them for so long. Also it is time to finalise the "new life after divorce" program back home.

I have had a lot of fun these past two seasons in Vail. I can still turn em & teach em with the best of the crew (well thats my opinion anyway). I have had lots of excellent skiing (thanks SCSA and other local madmen\wimen) and some wonderful clients to coach. Suffice to say I am a skier first and a "career ski teacher" second.

The ongoing plan will be to get more involved with coaching the school team back home and taking ski trips with my boys to Europe\Canada\North America each January. This way I can earn & turn and be a dad on my own program.

So things are good and life rolls on. I will be in Utah for a few days this week so I will see if I can catch up with some more Bears and ya never know but next January I may even have a drink with Fooks in some dingy slopeside chalet in the Alps or drop into Truckee for some "Bar of America" culture.

Its dumping snow again in Vail. Forget the WAR talk and get on it.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

Gone surfing
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Take care Oz

Enjoy the family while they are young - they grow fast...

Hope the surf is good when you get back home

Must be the year for change of scene...
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I don't think you asked my permission not to be back at Vail next year. Egad! If you're not at Vail next year, I'll have to sign up with one of those more marginal domestic ski instructors [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] who doesn't eat beets on his hamburgers.

Thanks for the great advice. You are truly an excellent teacher whose talents I will miss. Enjoy the boys. Carter wants surfing lessons. When we're in Sydney in a couple of years, I'll send him up your way.


P.S. Expect continuing e-mails asking for advice.
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Oz Man,

I'll be skiing at The Canyons this weekend, send me a PM if you're interested.

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Oi - don't forget you said you will ski with me this winter [img]smile.gif[/img]

Please (insert pathetic begging smilie here)

Name the place & time & I will try to get there then

PS - think about the Oz gathering too & I'll work on CM as he wants to meet you

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Oz man, enjoy the kids, they soon will be grown up and on their way...
If you bump in the Alps, next year, let us euro bears know in advance...
Who knows?
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Only saw this thread now, so you're probably on the way to Utah. Try to hook up with Altaskier & Fredo.
Have a safe trip, and keep in touch.
There's a beer in my fridge with your name on it. (I've no idea how it got there)

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MERDE!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] as the french actors say .
I know what you feel ,being a divorced traveller myself , please keep in touch

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Thanks for all your kind words. It is telling that the online pros have nothing to say. Sorry if I upset the "home boys" by skiing with SCSA. I waited all day for my Utah ride to show but looks like they left without me so again Utah alludes me. Oh well more local lines for a few days then surf, athletics, rugby and a house full of kids. Time to get active in the "War is Madness" movement back home.

Plenty of room at my beach house for travellers. Garage full of surf boards and plenty of [img]smile.gif[/img] s

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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There are many things in this life many of us will never understand.
Kids, and the need to be with them, is one. Not having any, it's a foreign thought to me.
Leaving an area when the snow has finally arrived is another.
And though I've often joked with you about skiing with SCSA, it really wasn't serious- and you know it!

But each of us (hopefully) understands each of these things, in time. And we each make the decisions we feel are the right ones.

Best of luck in the future, and a safe trip home. You will be missed around LH, but at least we'll still have you around here!


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The only thing this online pro has to say is I hope you enjoy the powder and best wishes to you and your family back home. I hope your children grow up to be great skiers. I also hope that you will continue to grace the web site with your presence though you leave the U.S.
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Originally posted by man from oz:
. Garage full of surf boards ...
ah but do they come with surfing lessons? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Which leads to the next obvious question. Who are more marginal, domestic surf instructors or foreign surf instructors?
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I dunno - but I can tell you that I would be VERY careful about taking surfing lessons from a Canadian (I know how well my canadian instructor surfs - he tells me... although he swears he is getting better due to LOTS of practice...btw - I think he fibs a bit I know his balance is way better than average...)
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Originally posted by Skidmo:
Which leads to the next obvious question. Who are more marginal, domestic surf instructors or foreign surf instructors?
Foreign instructors working domestically for sure.

Skidmo, I am trying to find a politically correct marginally foreign domestic ski worker for you for next year, how tall should she be, any hair colour preference

So anyway my last post from Avon Library. What to do on your last ski day mmmm, ski, mmm hit the SS race, mmmm whats that Adam .... do a sundeck margarita tour of Wail, BRILLIANT IDEA. OHOH OH my head hurts and my body aches, now I am fully prepared for 24 hours of travel through some of the most dangerous jungles in the world (i.e. Eagle-Denver-LA-Sydney Airports)

Reminder to self, WEAR CLEAN SOCKS and remove dangerous implements from carry on bag. Smile at unattractive airport worker waving large black "wand of security".

Oz [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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Travel safe Oz & you could try Bondi for Skidmo's instructor
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Originally posted by man from oz:
Skidmo, I am trying to find a politically correct marginally foreign domestic ski worker for you for next year, how tall should she be, any hair colour preference
Actually, I don't care about the color. I'm more concerned that the hair is located only where it should be.
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I just noticed this thread. giving up instructing at Vail for KIDS?! aarrrrggghhh! Never.

regarding war movement, you'll be in a very large crowd here. Be an individual, (albeit a lonely one), Support the war!
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As I write this- OZ is on an airplane, winging his way home.

Last sight of him, he was feeling no pain. He's been making good on his departure, trying to dry out every bar in Vail!
Who says you can't take it with you? He's sure trying!

Safe travels, my friend. We'll see you back here again one day. Of that , I'm sure! And you will be most welcome.

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Ozzzzzzz....always a smile, a kind and cheery word from you to so many others here. One of the true pros, seeing you always brightened my day. I will, as I told you last week, miss you. Stay on that learning curve, keep the glass at least half full always. Hope to see you here again some day.
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oz, do you know Tim Brewster?
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ah Vera, now there is a very special person. Come visit sometime. I made it home in one piece. The surf is 24C, about 4ft and clean and uncrowded. The boys super happy about Dad being home and my humble abode (read lounge) comfy and welcoming. The sound of cicadas, the warm autumn weather, the brilliant Oz sunlight, Rosellas and Cockatoos on the verandah, flying foxes in the date tree, the drought has broken and the place is Irish green, a driveway load of noisy kids shooting hoops and riding skateboards (whats your name again, does ya mum know where you are) It must be home ....

I do miss the white stuff and the special friends in Colorado already though .....

A few weeks of surf and sun and hanging with the boys and then back to the orifice .... ahhhhhh oh well lifes good!

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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the drought may have broken on teh coast, buddy, but don't say that where the cockies out west can hear you...!
Today's dust storm is a gentle reminder (mud storm for us as we got some rain).
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