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Car top ski rack/carriers

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Didn't think this was a question worthy of the "Gear Forums", but I'll just throw it out here. (please redirect me as needed) Is there a company anywhere that still makes the old style car top (butterfly) ski carriers? You know, the ones from the prehistoric 80's that were great, inexpensive, universal fit ski racks that just used adjustable straps that were secured to the rain gutter or the roof door seam of a car with no $500 mounting system required. My old one went missing in our last move and i can't seem to find a new one (or used for that matter) anywhere. I have a 20 year old car that works just fine for getting me to the local hill and back. A Thule/Yakima or similar type system would cost more than the car is worth at this point. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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no personal experience but i saw this recently:


magnetic+suction rack for $110.


probably can google magnetic ski rack for other options too  :dunno

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The magnetic racks always seemed a bit scetchy to me. A cross wind is a powerful force of nature that could make my boards take flight.
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Those racks can usually be picked up pretty cheap on Craigslist.  Just be sure to wrap plastic bags over the bindings so they don't get filled with overspray filled with sand and road salt.  Remove and rinse and dry the skis when you get home before putting them away.

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I have two of those racks in my attic, unless my wife has thrown them away. I still have a minivan that they work on, but just carry my skis inside these days. Too bad we probably live far apart or I'd give you one. As CRGildart said, check your local craigslist for that sort of thing. I got a more modern rack for $10 off craigslist last summer for my newer car.
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I gave a set of them away last year. I no longer have the car they were on and they were just sitting around. The issue I did have with them is that they leaked water in throught the windows.
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