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I have a gear question  I am trying to figure out. Have been sking ros.S3 for several years and like them . I have Nortica  Bandit boots early model , shimed  the linners, finally shucked them and have intuition liners for 3 years cooked twice, they seem  to still fit pretty fair.. Looking at Ros S7 souls (yellow) . Trying to decide on  new ski's or new boots or just junking it with what I have. Just wondering if the S 7's  or new boots are going to be much of a change , age considered. :0)

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what do you mean 'age considered'?   Are you still growing?

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Maybe shrinking? Looked at his other posts, sounds like he might be in his eighties. Certainly need more info.
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Sorry that was not a clear post, I am 84 not growing but shrinking. :0) . I have been told the the s3's are as soft in the tip as the soul 7 's. Just wondering if anyone has skied both and which would make the best all around single quiver ski....if you just had those two to choose from .
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If you are not growing, but have cooked your Intuitions twice in 3 seasons, then the boot sounds like it's a very borderline fit.   Bordering on sloppy, that is.


(unless, of course, your seasons are 100 days or more)

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You are probably right, new boots should be at the top of the list. Have been skiing about half the 100 days a year. Maybe I was just cought up on the yellow top plates. :0)   Thanks

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I own s3s and have 15days on them and demoed soul7s for 3 days.
For me, between s3 and soul7, the soul7 does everything noticeably better or easier, so I'd view it as pure upgrade versus some tradeoffs. But they are somewhat similar in purpose so aren't hugely different like taking out a 80waist ski. Only possible win for the s3 is if I knew how to do park tricks and skiing backwards.

Perhaps the s3 can be "slightly" quicker edge-to-edge on the groomers, but if you're taking these out you're not really looking to spend all your time on the hardpack anyway, cause just about any skinnier ski will be waay better on the groomers.
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Thanks for the reply. I still have my orange b3's in an 83  waist that ski well plus some z9's I never cared that much for . I just found that the S3 are easier for me to ski . Age has limitations and I find good equipment and constantly trying to improve technique allow me to stay afloat and loose ground slower. Use to be able to hammer through stuff , that doesen't work any more.:0) Wanted to demo the soul 7 last winter but didn't find a good winter up here. will try them out . They look like a good ski. Hoping to get down to Aspen this winter for 10 days or so....

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