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Smaller / less known ski areas

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I will be moving back to the states from Germany in about two years, and I'm looking at spending the winter season skiing. My plan is to head to Idaho or western Montana, but I'm not ruling out other places. I'm looking to live near a low key ski area that will still provide decent skiing. Any suggestions on where I should relocate to?

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I can't speak on ID or MT, others here definitely can though.  I personally would live in Salida, CO and ski Monarch for a winter if I wanted low key.

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Look at the Silver Valley area in North ID near Wallace.  Home to Silver Mt and Lookout Pass.  Housing is free, skiing can be very good, but bring a banjo....

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There's two other active move-to threads going right now:

That should give you a ton of info. What specifically is important to you in a town?

Also, the link in my signature should tell you all you want to know about Whitefish, the ski area.
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Whitefish and Sandpoint are both worthy options.


Sun Valley (Ketchum, ID) doesn't get enough snow, IMHO. But I'm spoiled.  :D

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Can you bring a 2015 Golf Sportwagen with manual transmission and AWD, please? (Worth asking, since they're not going to offer that model here...)
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Rossland bc. Best skiing in the world on a good snow day.
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Anywhere is the best in the world on a good snow day but I agree with Red as a fine choice.  One place where if you're just a tourist you're never going to be in the top 50% of skiing talent on the hill midweek.

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Grand Targhee is fairly low key (compared to Jackson Hole, anyway), and it offers some good skiing.  I think that Driggs, ID is close?

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I'm going to look over all the suggestions. Sandpoint and Whitefish have been on my list for some time now along with Bozeman. Probably the ideal city would be one that provided a bit more than just a tiny ski town, hence why Bozeman is appealing.

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Before you consign Whitefish and Sandpoint to the tiny town bin, consider that the box stores are not that far away, in Kalispell (15 miles) or Coeur d'Alene (45 miles). Depends on whether you want to LIVE in a big town, or shop in a big town. The point is, WF and SP are not islands.

The forum needs more input from you as to your priorities, both from a skiing/terrain perspective and a living/weather/amenities perspective.

That being said, once you've got twenty replies, they'll all be sending you to Utah or Colorado....
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