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RealSkiers - Reviews of Out-of-Favor Ski Brands

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I have long had generally positive feelings about the Real Skiers site, notwithstanding some of the criticisms it has endured here. The appended blurb from their site started me thinking about sample size, and about the vagaries of brand popularity. If they got zero Armada and Elan cards, and only "a few" Fischer cards, how many cards did they get for other brands? If the blurb had said, "We only received 43 Armada cards, 71 Elan cards, and 90 Fischer cards, none of which meets our sample size threshold of 100 cards, so we did not report on these brands," my thoughts would not be going in this direction. As it is, though, I'm wondering, for example, if maybe their Kastle reviews are based on 6 cards, and their Dynastar reviews on 8 cards. Does anyone know? Do we think that would be a big enough sample to be useful? Who were the reviewers? What are some of the vital stats around them? It also makes me wonder about some of the brands that they DO review, such as Ski Logik. How can it be that they don't have enough input to review Elan and Fischer, but they have enough to review not one but TEN models from Ski Logik? That seems improbable to me, and certainly not reflective of what you're going to see if you walk into a ski shop at random. This is not a rant. Like I said, I like the site, respect it, generally, and find it useful. I'm just looking for a little more info about what's behind the reviews, really. I'll bet someone here knows. Whether that person is willing to say, I guess we'll see. :)



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I've subscribed for years. Great point, new owner, this does stink to high heavens. Old owner was huge fan of Skilogic and Head.  Something wrong.............

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Good question!  It is interesting to consider that Fischer, Elan, and Armada did not receive enough reviews...but SkiLogic and Stockli DID????

Just who is reviewing?  And who are these people?  


I'm also interested b/c I have generally trusted their reviews, though not w/o some skepticism and frustration (they are notably weak on the "feel" of different skis).  But it is clear that, like many individuals, the editors (Hogen and Keelty) have favorites and biases.  For instance, I have yet to read a bad review of a Head ski.  They are good friends with, and adherents of, Harold Harb and the PMTS school.  And they generally favor narrower skis for "all mountain" skiing than many on Epic -- or for that matter, TGR.   

That's why lots and lots of "reviews" need to be read, digested, and considered in light of who is reviewing, their skills and physiques, and their biases.  If we don't know those things, information has no context.

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Why not ask them?

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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

Why not ask them?

Right move! Having participated in a few tests- you never get a great feel for a model as you do for the totality of a line : usually not a great range of sizing & testers can be few. Sometimes results can be based off very few runs over a narrow condition range.
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