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Bindings prices

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Hi again,
I started a thread about having Salomon X-Scream series bought in 2000, and used only a few times a year for 4 years. I was thinking of donating them. Yet now might keep them and replace the bindings. As I also stated, I haven't skied in 10 years. I would like to use them for the year to get my ski legs back, take some lessons, practice, practice, practice and THEN end of season, demo and buy new skis. Especially since I might only ski 3 - 5 times. IF I can find a job. SO, what might I pay for the least expensive bindings with installation and calibration? OH, btw, I am 6', weigh 235lbs, hoping to be down to 205- 210 end of year. They are 187 in length. Are these the correct length for me. Back then I was 200lbs or less and the kid at the store told me these were ok. I was never sure, always though they were too long for "shaped skis" back then. Plus I will be skiing only groomed for most of the time.
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Do you know the bindings are no longer indemnified or won't pass the test? Except for the fact you could move the bindings to the new skis, not sure why you'd want to spend $200 or so on bindings for skis to use three times. Link for those who need a refresher:
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What sibhusky said. There are bindings that old that are still indemnified and are safe to use. There is also the question of whether, given your weight gain, the DIN range is high enough. If you do have to replace the bindings, you will need to figure out the DIN range you need--for that you'll need your boot sole length, which is written on the edge of the boot sole (go figure), as well as weight, height and ability level. Don't go for a binding where your DIN is at the upper or lower level of the range--at least theoretically bindings seem to work better in the middle of the range. The best buy will depend on the shop--there are usually deals to be had and the shop should be able to point you towards a binding that will work for you at a reasonable price.  Given your size it might not be the bottom of the line, though. You should also see if you can find a shop that will mount them for free if you buy them there--some do some don't. The skis should work until you figure out if you are going to ski enough to justify new ones.


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Any binding typically that goes from about 4-5 to 12-14 should more than cover your weight and or ability unless you have really big/small feet and are at the extremes of the level range.


That said, some bindings have their preferred applications.  Best is to go to a good ski shop and have your skis looked at.   You may find you may get a very good deal for new skis and bindings (and better overall ski experience) than just replacing the bindings.


There is other advise but this falls into that category, if you have to ask for that information your not ready for it, as it does carry serious risks. 


BTW both the posts above are very valid. (added in edit)


Cheers and welcome back.

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